The OGG: Why You Should Only Go With The Best Floating Sunglasses

You ever get that feeling when you walk down a busy street and do a double-take because you're pretty sure your doppelgänger just walked by? With all the floating eyewear options on the market lately, we've been getting that vibe -- like, a lot.

Since we started our business back in the 1997, there have been a lot of other eyewear companies trying to do what we do best -- and we're not calling them poseurs, but we might be calling them poseurs just a little bit. 

Jokes and friendly rivalries aside, there's a reason Bomber Eyewear is the best at what we do -- it's because we're the originals! When you're on the hunt for the best floating sunglasses, you know you're in the best hands with Bomber Eyewear. 

What are Bomber Eyewear Floating Sunglasses?

Waaaay back in 1997, when founder Tommy Bonacci's competitive jet ski career was really taking off, Bomber Eyewear was born in a majestic explosion of ocean foam and lightning.

Okay, not really. Tommy just got really sick of losing his shades in the water during competitions. And he looked at his favorite glasses and the foam padding of his jet ski and put two and two together: literally. With some superglue and a few choice curse words, the first pair of Bomber Eyewear floating sunglasses was born. 

Today, we've expanded our line to dozens of gorgeous, ultra-comfortable, and ultra-tough floating lenses eyeglasses that keep you safe, keeps you stylin', and won't be lost to Poseidon without a fight. 

What makes Bomber Eyewear Floating Sunglasses the Best?

Basically, we're the OGG ("Original Glasses Gangsters"). Bomber Eyewear splashed onto the scene with the first floating eyewear designed for ocean sports and high-octane lifestyles. And since we got started, we've never sacrificed comfort or quality -- you get the same top-notch promise with every pair of shades today that you did when the BUZZ Bomb was just a twinkle in Tommy's eye. 

As we've watched other floating eyeglasses companies jump into the market, we've noticed a trend in cheap plastic, uncomfortable linings, and "floatability" that comes from coarse, scratchy plastic add-ons that don't look very comfortable. We've learned from our old designs, made some changes (pro tip: the BUZZ Bomb floats a lot better if you take off the removable side shields), and are improving day after day. 

And in all that time, we've discovered that it's not JUST about the float, either. We like to say we've got "the grip that rips". (In fact, if you wanted to be a weirdo and Google our patent, you'd find that we call our gear "snug-fitting floating eyewear".) We're the only brand on the market that looks out for utility, not just float or comfort. You pop these bad boys on your face and no matter how much you sweat, how hard you work, or how vigorously you shake your head, our glasses stay right where they're supposed to be. 

So at Bomber Eyewear, you know you're getting comfort AND grip AND traction. And our promise to you is that we'll never stop getting better: with each new launch, every redesign, and every shipment that leaves our California warehouse, we're making a new pledge to make Bomber Eyewear the best floating sunglasses on the market. 

Not sold yet? Check out 7 fun facts you never knew about Bomber's patented foam lining -- and we promise you'll never look back once you've tried on your first pair (or, y'know, thrown 'em at the ocean by accident).

All this self-hype is making us a little nauseous (but in a fun way), so we'll leave it up to you to see the difference. Shop our favorite Floating Sunglasses and learn why Bomber Eyewear makes the best floating sunglasses for water sports, boating, fishing -- you name it! We're here to prove that we're the best at what we do.

Ready for us to prove it? Then take the plunge on the original floating sunglasses.

After all, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 


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