Do you really need side shields on safety glasses?

Safety glasses with side shields are goggles' cool, hip cousin. The benefits of side shields on safety glasses speak for themselves--full coverage, debris control, and more--without the extra weight or pressure of a full-size wraparound goggle.

Today we're breaking down a simple question: Do you really need side shields on safety glasses?

What are side shields for safety glasses?

Side shields are add-ons to traditional-framed safety glasses. Inspired by the wraparound coverage of goggles, removable side shields create a pair of versatile safety glasses. Pop 'em in when the wood chips are a-flyin', take 'em off when you're done for the day and just want to hang out at the beach.

Some side shields, like the add-on side shields for the GOMER Bomb, turn a regular pair of sunglasses into ANSI Z87+ rated safety glasses. The extra coverage offers that extra degree of protection for your eyes.

Okay, so... do I need 'em?

Short answer: Yes! But it depends on what you'll be doing. 

For example, someone who is painting their house doesn't need the same level of protection as someone sending wood shrapnel flying while using a saw. 

Side shields can also be a matter of convenience. Many people who enjoy water sports or boating prefer "regular" sunglasses without the shields to keep glasses lightweight and versatile. But when the water gets choppy or you hit Mach speed on your jet ski, side shields add an extra layer between your eyes and the sea spray, making it possible to let loose your inner Chuck Yeager without losing your vision. 

(Side note: Please do not hit Mach speed on a jet ski. Yes, Tommy, that includes you.) 

How do I get side shields on and off my safety glasses?

Most of Bomber Eyewear's side shields are designed to be removable. To remove the side shields, look for a raised tab where the shield meets the frame. It's usually closer to the lenses than the legs. Press the tab in while gently pulling the shield down with your other hand until the shield detaches from the frame.

To pop 'em back in, simply... well, pop 'em back in! Line up the connection edge of the shield with the correct spot on your frame and slide it back into place. You might feel or hear a soft click when the tab lock re-engages. 

What Bomber Eyewear styles are available with side shields? 

We're planning to introduce new styles with side shields in the future, along with add-on shields like the GOMER's. At the moment, five of our most popular frame styles are available with side shields:


When you're ready to find your new favorite pair of safety glasses, check out our full Safety range here. Or, grab a few new styles and try 'em all in our Sale section




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