Inside Bomber Eyewear's Patented Foam Technology!

At Bomber Eyewear, we're all about creating sunglasses that work as hard as you do. Whether you need gear that's not going to get lost in the waves when you're out on the boat, or safety gear that won't fog up in the middle of your workday, we've got you covered! 

We're so proud of our patented foam lining that we rarely shut up about it... And for good reason! 

At Bomber Eyewear, we wouldn't be where we are today without some clever additions. In fact, our floating frame glasses foam lining technology is so high-quality that we wanted to share more about it in this week's blog! 

We all know how comfortable Bomber sunnies are meant to be, but there are some fun facts you haven't heard about our technology. 

So without further ado, here are...

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Bomber Eyewear's Foam Lining! 

1. It floats! 

Okay, this one's a freebie. We're known in the biz as "those guys who make floating sunglasses," so maybe you've heard this particular fun fact a time or two (or ten). What we think is especially cool about this lining is that it lets your glasses float in salt or fresh water WITHOUT adding too much unnecessary weight to the frame. Other brands might produce floating frame glasses or eyewear, but this bonus feature often comes at the expense of your comfort. At Bomber Eyewear, we do it all -- comfort, sophistication, style, AND float! 

2. It's patented! 

That's right! I loved my "secret recipe" so much that I got it patented! In the year 2000, I applied for a custom patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). To get exclusive rights to our kick-butt foam lining, we had to file two separate patent applications: one for the foam lining itself, and another for our snug-fit sunglasses. We got approval for both products over the summer of 2000, which means we've held exclusive rights to production for more than 20 years now! 

3. Bomber is the ONLY sunglasses manufacturer with EVA foam lining.

This is because of our handy-dandy patents. While other brands can produce foam-lined, floating sun gear, they can't do it exactly the way we do: with non-toxic EVA foam! EVA foam is a fantastic invention (with the same ingredients you'd find in plastic wrap, kids' toys, and sports shoes, just to name a few!). It has all the benefits of harder-core plastic, wax, or resin, at a fraction of the cost and weight. That's why we're able to create such high-quality sun gear without passing on luxury prices to our loyal fan base. (That's you!) 

4. Our foam lining is naturally scratch, spill, and strain-resistant. 

This is another perk of that just-keeps-getting-better EVA lining. EVA foam was originally developed as a substitute for natural rubber (which is expensive, stinky, and sometimes bad for the environment). Although our main intention was to find a foam "recipe" that balanced protection and floating capabilities with ultra comfort, we lucked into a fantastic fit with EVA foam. Because of its molecular structure, flexibility, and durability, EVA foam is naturally resistant to stains, spills, scratches, and breakage. That's part of the secret to why our sunnies and safety pieces last as long as they do: the EVA foam lining helps the frames hold their form, so you can wear your glasses every day without worrying they'll fail on the job. 

5. The first "foam lining" was made from pieces of jet ski. 

I love telling this story. Did you know I'm a World Champion Jet Ski Racer? It's true -- I spent so many hours on the waves that I can't even count the number of sunglasses I lost to the waves. (Let's just say, over the course of my career, it added up to a LOT of new glasses.) I got so fed up losing my shades to the water that I finally ripped up the foam lining on the bottom of my jet ski (sorry) and duct-taped it to the edges of my sunglasses. Boom! Instant floating shades! And an instant business idea, too -- nearly thirty years later, my glasses have come a long way since that first MacGuyvered pair. And I think we all know the end result is a LOT sexier than what I first came up with! 

6. The foam lining prevents dry eye.

This is a lesser-known benefit of our glasses. Besides their comfort and fit, the EVA foam lining acts as a natural line of resistance between your eyes and the outside world. This is especially helpful if you're an adrenaline junkie (like me), or someone who spends a lot of time with wind or rain blowing in their face (boaters and construction workers, I'm lookin' at you!). Normal sunglasses and safety gear blocks the direct flow of wind and dust into your eyes, but our foam lining takes it a step further. The foam blocks those little eddies of wind that slip in through the crack between your glasses and forehead, giving your eyes that crucial extra bit of protection to prevent dryness and red eye. 

7. The non-slip lining turns your sunnies into strapless goggles. 

Yup! My fellow water sports fans will TOTALLY dig this part. When you're out on the water, a high quality pair of goggles feels like the logical thing to wear. However, after an hour or two, that goggle strap starts to cut into the back of your neck... Then the plastic of the goggles starts to press into your eyeballs... And all of a sudden you're dealing with a salt headache that can totally tank your day on the waves! The foam lining for our sunnies, on the other hand, turns plain ol' sunglasses into a pair of strapless goggles. You get all the benefits of a pair of goggles (water/wind protection, improved vision, less risk of injury) with the comfort of your favorite pair of glasses. 

At Bomber Eyewear, our mission is based on providing the Average Joe with a pair of glasses that works as hard as he does. Don't waste your money on luxury brands that can't keep up with you: Invest in sunglasses and safety gear that protect what matters, float when you need it, and don't break your bank -- and look dang good while they're at it. 

If you're ready to try out your first pair, start by checking out my favorites in Sunglasses and Safety. You can shop by style like Bomber Eyewear's Buzz Bombs to name one (I'm pretty partial to the BOOGIE, myself), and find your favorite new pair of glasses! 


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