When Sparks Fly: Why Welders Love Bomber Eyewear

At Bomber Eyewear, there's nothing we love more than the chance to connect with our community--especially when we feel those sparks fly! 

The welding community blends art, expertise, strength, and a healthy dash of danger into a skill set that often goes unnoticed or misunderstood. Welding, a fabrication process that involves melting and connecting metals or other materials at extreme high temperatures, can be completed with gas flame, electron beam, lasers, and more.

For the more than 400,000 people in the United States work as welders, the most common danger is eye injury. In fact, welding-related eye injuries account for nearly 6% of all workplace-related eye injuries in construction! 

With that in mind, we at Bomber Eyewear know how critical it is to invest in quality eye protection for welders. 

This week, we checked in with Matt and Austin, two experts from the welding industry who know what it's like to work in such a fast-paced industry--and what it's like to come close to disaster themselves. 


Bomber HQ: What first drew you to the welding career?

Austin Hargett, @dr.weldzI first found welding back in high school. It honestly sounded like a blow off class that allowed me to play with fire. They also allowed me to build any project I wanted and then sell it at the end of the year. So I thought, "Hey, I can play with fire, and make some money at the end of the year?" Sounded like a win. Little did I know I was going to love it! 

Matt Reed,  @lucky_weldzWhat drew me to welding was pure luck. I'd always known about welding after growing up on a farm in Virginia. In high school I signed up for a welding class. Later on, I received a phone call from someone who needed welders, took the job, and fell in love with welding. 


What's your proudest accomplishment in your welding career?

Matt Reed: My proudest accomplishment has been landing my first job with a specialty welding company. 

Austin Hargett: I've helped build pipelines, power plants, massive pressure vessels and pressure piping that helps run this country. I'm also proud of a few of my art projects I've built that are one-of-a-kind. All those sound like amazing feats, but there's nothing I'm proud of more than the thousands of students I've had the pleasure of teaching and continue to teach on my YouTube channel. I'm proud of the people I've inspired, entertained, and educated over the years--hopefully it sticks with a few people and changes their lives, like it changed mine. 


What's something people don't know about welding that you wish more people understood?

Matt Reed: There are all different levels to welding. 

Austin Hargett: It takes practice and discipline to learn this craft. Find a way that works for you. Schools and apprenticeships are a great way to start, but YOU have to put in the hours. 

Matt Reed: Not all welders work on the same level! It takes time and effort to work your way up in skill and pay. 


What's your "closest shave" in your welding experience?

Austin Hargett: Near misses are a blessing and a reminder of what can happen. I've seen death on a job site. I've seen people fall out from heat exhaustion, seen people fall and break limbs, and seen objects fall that could seriously injure myself and others. 

Matt Reed: My closest shave is why I have the nickname "Lucky." I was on a job site and almost had a steel beam drop on me. It landed a couple foot steps away.

Austin Hargett: Be your brothers' and sisters' keeper. Watch for things that can hurt you or your co-workers. Y'all are the front line and safety starts with you. 




How did you find out about Bomber Eyewear?

Matt Reed: I first found Bomber Eyewear on Instagram. 

Austin Reed: My good friend Matt Reed sent me a pair as a gift after I saw them on Instagram. He's such a good friend. After rocking 'em for a summer I was hooked!


How do your Bombers help you get the job done? 

Austin Hargett: Probably the most common injuries on a job site have to do with the eyes. As someone who's had metal picked and drilled out of their eye, I'm a spokesperson for safety eyewear. Bombers help with full protection around the eyes--you don't need to squint with Bombers. 

Matt Reed: They protect my eyes, don't give me a headache, and I look good in them--and they don't fog up. 

Austin Hargett: The anti-fog lenses are a blessing under the hood! 


What's your favorite thing about your Bombers?

Matt Reed: It's hard to pick a favorite. There are so many! 

Austin Hargett: I love the versatility and design styles to choose from. There are so many designs and price ranges for anyone and everyone. They also make safeties that don't look dorky--I rock them outside of work, too.

Matt Reed: I wear them in my everyday life including going to the beach, welding in my shop, skating, and hanging out with family. It's great to be able to use Bomber in every aspect of my life.

Austin Hargett: I spend a lot of time on the water, fishing and surfing. Polarized safety glasses are awesome for working outside during the week, then wetting a line or carving a wave on the weekends. I never worry about my Bombers falling in the water because, by God, they FLOAT! I've spent a lot of money on glasses that now sit on the bottom of lakes and rivers, so that's a huge bonus for me. 


What would you tell a friend or colleague considering Bomber Eyewear for welding safety? 

Austin Hargett: Pick your poison! They got what you want, they got what you need, get one for every day of the week! 

Matt Reed: You should make the swap immediately because Bomber is really all you need. Plus, they float! 

Austin Hargett: What's to consider?! Plus, knowing the Bomber team and the story of how they came to be who they are makes me love them even more. They know what blue collar men and women need because those are their own roots. They are an absolute delight to talk with and the customer support is always there when you need it. Not to mention they are freaking RAD! 


Okay, okay, we're blushing! Thank you so much to Matt and Austin for sharing your Bomber journeys with us. 

We're always delighted to make connections with our community--and we hope welders around the world know you have us in your corner! To learn more about our ANSI Z87+ rated safety glasses, check out the Safety section by clicking here.

Not sure where to start? Grab a few and find your faves in our Sale section. Or, for welders looking for a little relief under the hood, try our Anti-Fog Collection

See you next time! 





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