Our Story

Since 1997

ABOUT OUR FOUNDER & WHERE WE CAME FROM: Tommy “The Bomber” Bonacci is a World Champion Jet Ski Racer, winning the world championship in 1989, 1990, 1995 and more recently making his comeback with back to back wins in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Back in the 90's, Tommy worked construction jobs when he wasn’t racing jetskis. He found the safety glasses that were given to him on these job sites were extremely uncomfortable and just not cool-looking. He decided to take a pair of sunglasses that one of his jetski sponsors gave him, and with torn-off pieces of foam padding from his jetski, he lined the inside of his glasses with this foam, found them to be extremely comfortable - and the very first prototype for Bomber Eyewear was made. He wore them to the jobsite, and immediately started getting compliments on his rad-looking safety glasses. The feedback was all the same: not only did his shades look cool, but they were comfortable too. He immediately started selling them out of his backpack. And one day, while out testing one of his jetskis, they fell off his head and floated to the top of the water. Turns out that the same foam-lining that made the shades super comfy, is the same stuff that also made them float! So in 1997, he patented the idea ... and here we are more than 20 years later.

Floating Today

Today, our family-run business uses this patented foam lining technology to offer water sports enthusiasts, fishermen and everyone in between eyewear that is comfortable, durable, stylish and able to float. Our eyewear comes equipped with patented snug-fit floating technology - enabling a super comfy and secure fit, along with scratch-resistant lenses available in an array of colors and several different options such as: polarized, photochromic, bifocals, blue-light blocking, hydrophobic de-centered, optically correct and anti-fog.

Safety First

All of our glasses in our Safety Line of shades meet ANSI Z87+ and impact-resistant standards and feature polycarbonate lenses, with safety markings on both the frames and lens. Our flexible frames, coupled with Bomber’s patented foam lining technology is what makes our eyewear ideal for hours of comfortable wear, while keeping them lightweight. We also have wrap-around styles that provide added protection against debris, wind and glare.

A Lifetime of Performance-Driven Innovation

For over twenty years and till this day, Tommy continues to channel his performance driven lifestyle into his eyewear designs, complete with safety features that are original, highly functional, and stylish - that also happen to float.

Take Theirs Off. Put Ours On.

We know everyone has their favorite pricey sunglasses from some hot designer brand. We are not here to replace those. But, instead of risking your faves when working construction, fishing, boating, paddling, playing in the water, working on that home improvement project – pretty much anything that requires thrashing around in - put ours on. It's kind of like 'insurance' against both eye injury and breaking or losing your favorite pair of sunglasses in the water or on the job. And who knows, we just might become your new favorite shades.

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