What to Look for When Selecting Safety Lenses

Safety glasses are critical on the job because so many workplace injuries  are eye related. Not only can an eye injury be painful, but it could also be severe and cause a loss of vision. Think about it -- what would you do if an injury caused permanent vision loss? Imagine your whole world being turned upside down when all you really needed was a high-quality pair of safety glasses!

So, what should you look for when purchasing your first pair of safety glasses?


ANSI Z87+ Certification

Let's start with probably the most important safety rating term on the eyewear market. If you don't know about ANSI Z87+ certification, check out our quick guide on ANSI Z87+ safety gear. The short version, however, is that this certification indicates eyewear provides protection from impact, non-ionizing radiation, and liquid splash exposure. If you’re in the market for a new safety lens, make sure it’s stamped with the ANSI Z87+ approval!

Pro Tip: Practically every safety style at Bomber Eyewear is ANSI Z87+ rated! Just look for the safety sticker on your favorite listings.



Do your research and see what other workers are saying about the brand you’re looking into. If thousands of people are raving about the product (kinda like the rabid fans of Bomber Eyewear), then you’re probably looking into a good pair.


Strong Impact

If you work in a high-speed career field with flying objects, dust, fire, sparks, your site supervisor throwing a shoe at you, etc., then you want to make sure the safety specs are being tested for high impact. According to ANSI Z87+ certification criteria, safety glasses must withstand a one-inch-thick object being dropped (or shot when your coworker gives you five bucks -- we know what you get up to in those workshops) over the lenses. How the glasses react to the impact will show you if these are the glasses for you. The BUZZ Bombs come fully-equipped with removable side shields to protect your eyes from sideways wind and debris.



Certain glasses can shield your eyes from radiation. For instance, welding filters should secure your eyes from the rays of a torch, while laser lenses need to block laser radiation and so on. There are specific safety specs for each field, so be sure to find ones that offer filters that best pair with your needs. The Photochromic safety glasses block UV rays, filter harmful blue light and improve contrast and clarity throughout the day.

Important Note: Generally, however, you won't find a pair of glasses that "does it all", especially when it comes to unique types of radiation and extreme-temperature performance. All Bomber Eyewear safety gear is ANSI Z87+ safety rated, which means our glasses hold up in normal-to-moderate work conditions. In other words, for construction and other fields, regular ANSI Z87+ rated gear is excellent! But for specialty fields like welding and laser work, be sure to ask your supervisor for PPE that's designed for it, like face shields and welding shields. (P.S. All Bomber styles are designed to fit UNDER those bad boys, so you're comfortable and protected from all angles!)



We don’t have time for glasses to “kind of” fit in a work zone. You need to find a pair that has the most absolute fit to your face. This may mean trying a couple different pairs or even getting a proper measurement because everyone’s face size is different, and a loose-fitting lens can cause serious damage if they slide down at the wrong moment. Bomber Eyewear's patented foam lining is designed to provide a seamless fit and the ultimate comfort, so you know you're protected from every angle (and, like, sweaty noses or whatever). 


Prescription Eyewear

Needing a prescription shouldn’t stop you from purchasing high-end safety glasses. More than 70% of people wear prescription lenses so it’s a lot more common than you would think. Many safety glasses (including ours!) can be made with a permanent corrective lens on them to help you complete the job safely and efficiently. Research a brand to make sure they provide a prescription option for safety glasses -- like us! The BOOGIE prescription safety glasses are one of our best sellers! (And we also have a bunch of other prescription-ready faves to check out on



Safety glasses should not be something you purchase every 1-2 weeks. Look into the types of lens coatings available such as anti-scratch, anti-fog, etc., to make sure your glasses won’t be damaged after the first use. Long-running safety specs are the best investment -- that's why we only provide the best of the best at Bomber Eyewear! 


Your profession might be dangerous, but it doesn’t need to be harmful to your eyes. Lucky for you our collection of Bomber safety glasses include a variety of lenses, filters, fit, style and more! All of our safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ certified and are impact-resistant and shatter-resistant. Made with the highest quality materials available in the industry to provide performance and comfort that won’t break the bank. Check out our line of safety glasses at!




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