How do I keep my glasses from fogging up?


Whether it's a long day on the job site or a hot day on the beach, fog on your glasses lenses can be a major annoyance. Visual obstruction from condensation can be frustrating, uncomfortable, or downright dangerous, especially if you're in a work environment where you NEED to see what you're doing.

The question "How do I keep my glasses from fogging up?" has a few different answers... and today, we're sharing our expertise with you! 

(Psst... a little TL;DR? If you'd rather leave your anti-fog to the pros, check out our Anti-Fog Collection for safety glasses treated with our lab-tested anti-fog coating.) 


Why are my glasses fogging up?

We've all been there -- we leave an air conditioned restaurant for a muggy summer day, we hit the slopes in a little too much sun, or we pull up a protective mask, only for pesky, cloudy moisture to block our vision.

This glasses fog is a result of condensation. Humidity in the air, temperature variations, and common dirt and grime all play a role in creating a tiny rainforest between your nose and your glasses lenses. Water vapor from the air, your sweat, and your breath meets the relatively cooler surface of your lenses, cools, and morphs into those tiny liquid droplets that block your vision. 

You might be familiar with the insta-fog that hits you when warm air meets cold glass lenses. This is the same chemical reaction that happens when your glasses fog up during physical activity, like working on the job site or snowboarding down that mountain (you know the one). 

While most of the time glasses fog is just a minor nuisance, swept away by a microfiber cloth or the edge of your tee shirt, it can be dangerous and distracting if your glasses fog up while your hands are full. 


How to stop glasses from fogging up 

Luckily, there are a few ways to prevent glasses fogging up. Some are as simple as investing in high-quality lenses, while others are inexpensive and easy to do at home or on the road. 

Let's dive in! 


1. Anti-Fog Coating

The best way to keep your glasses from fogging up is to invest in anti-fog sunglasses and anti-fog safety glasses. These lenses come with a specialized chemical coating that keeps water droplets from forming on the glass. 

At Bomber Eyewear, our fog-resistant safety glasses are created to increase visibility even when the temperature changes. Our ANSI Z87+ anti-fog sunglasses and safety glasses are treated with a special "hydrophobic" coating that protects lenses against humidity and keeps your safety glasses fog free. 

We improve the anti-fog treatment with every new batch of glasses, based on community requests and feedback. And honestly, it's a lot of fun! 

To check out our anti-fog for yourself, see our Anti-Fog Collection, now available in BUZZ, AHI, BOOGIE, MANA and more.


2. Choose glasses made from naturally anti-fogging materials.

Glass lenses are the most common victims of glasses fog. However, lenses made from other materials, like certain polycarbonates or plastics, offer a natural resistance to fogging.

In addition to anti-fog chemical treatments, other lens treatments like reflective lenses can help reduce glasses fog. This is because reflective lenses often have similar "hydrophobic" properties to anti-fog treatments. That's why reflective surfaces are so popular in sports gear: snow goggles, motorcycle helmets, and other wrap-around options often come with built-in ventilation and reflective colors. 

To try them out for yourself, check out our Mirror Lens Collection in a whole rainbow of colors. 


3. Wash your lenses with soapy water. 

You'd think water would have trouble clinging to a dirty surface, but in fact, the opposite is true. Daily grime, dirt, smudges, and scratches offer more surface area for water droplets to take over, and once water collects on gunk, it's more likely to stay there than it is on smooth glass.

Cleaning your glasses frequently will help them stop fogging up. Gentle dish soap and warm water can help you remove smudges and buildup from a long day -- just be sure to let your glasses air dry or wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth. 


4. Adjust your glasses frame. 

Air flow is often a common cause of foggy glasses. If your lenses press right up against your face, there's nowhere for that water vapor to go except onto the lenses. (Plus, that kinda thing gets pretty uncomfortable after a while.)

If you notice your glasses fogging up on the go, move the frames slightly further down your nose to open up more air flow. If you can't adjust the frames and see at the same time, you might be wearing the wrong frame style for your face shape -- find a style that works for you by checking out our Sale Section


5. Make sure your mask or other PPE fits well. 

We learned a lot about wearing glasses with masks during the pandemic, and many people working in construction fields know aaaaall about glasses that fog up while wearing a mask. In the same way that badly-fitting glasses can smoosh your lenses into your face, a mask worn incorrectly can force warm, humid air from your breath straight into your lenses. 

Use masks with a foldable strip around the nose, like the kind that comes with bendable metal or plastic to adjust the fit. Your mask should fit snugly, directing your breath out of the sides or bottom of your mask, rather than up into your eyes and lenses. 

Also, face masks aren't always one size fits all. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wear styles, allowing you to shop around until you find the right kind. Always prioritize your safety while maximizing air flow. There's no point in moving your mask around to de-fog your glasses unless the mask is still doing its job! 


All in all, foggy glasses are a nuisance, but there are ways and products that allow you to live that sunnies life fog-free. Check out our Anti-Fog Collection for our favorite safety glasses with hydrophobic treatments -- your vision will thank you! 




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