What Does ANSI Z87+ Mean?



When you’re shopping for Bomber safety eyewear, you’ve probably noticed a badge we’ve got listed under the product details: MEETS ANSI Z87. But what does that mean, exactly? And why are we so proud of it that we’ve got that cool sticker on every product listing?

What is ANSI?

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, an organization that defines and protects the standards for product conformity in the United States. This is a fancy way of saying that they keep American products up to snuff with their rating systems: if a product is ANSI-certified, it meets the requirements ANSI has set for its product category.

So then what’s ANSI Z87+?

ANSI Z87+ is the short term for ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015: the American National Standard For Occupational and Educational Personal Eye And Face Protection Devices. That’s a mouthful, right?

Eyewear products that meet the requirements to be ANSI Z87+ certified are those that are best designed for protection: they reduce the chances of hazardous materials or circumstances injuring your eyes. ANSI Z87+ is designed specifically to track products used in environments like machine shops or laboratories, where welding, cutting, chemical handling, and assembly can all pose a potential injury risk.

If a product is ANSI Z87+ certified, that means it’s built to protect you.


Why are we committed to our rating?

At Bomber Eyewear, your protection is our top priority. An average pair of sunglasses won’t protect your eyes in a workshop -- and that’s why we don’t make “average” sunglasses. We are committed to affordable, fashionable, comfortable safety eyewear for everyone -- and that’s why all of our safety products are designed with ANSI Z87+ certification in mind.

Our safety glasses also meet impact-resistance standards and feature polycarbonate lenses. Our flexible frames, coupled with Bomber’s patented foam lining technology, is what makes our eyewear ideal for comfort while keeping them lightweight. Polarized options, bifocal lenses and a large variety of custom lenses are available, while our wrap-around styles that provide protection against debris, wind and glare.


So what does that mean for you, our awesome customer?

You get to work hard and play hard knowing your eyes are in good hands! Our most popular safety glasses, like the BOOGIE and TIGER models, are designed to keep you comfortable and protected without the chunky, awkward design of more traditional “safety” eyewear. Specialty lenses let you choose your style and protection level based on your career, hobbies, and lifestyle -- and your fashion sense, too!


When you’re looking for your next pair of safety glasses, don’t waste your money on a chunky pair of goggles that’s going to get in the way of your next hands-on job. At Bomber Eyewear, we offer safety, affordability, and comfort with our ANSI Z87+ certified safety glasses.

We’ve got the function, the safety, and the comfort -- you bring the fun with what you do best.


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