Don't Buy Safety Glasses Without These 3 Features

What should you look for when buying safety glasses? First and foremost, you need a pair of glasses that's so much more than a cheap pair of shades.

At Bomber Eyewear, we like to say that all of our safety gear "works as hard as you do" -- and we definitely put our money where our mouth's at with that tagline! 

Whether you've been on the job for years or you're picking out your first pair of protective eyewear for a new hobby, we've got you covered. When you're trying to figure out how to choose the best safety eyewear, there are three main features to look out for when you order safety glasses online. (And, you guessed it, the entire Bomber safety line checks all three boxes.) 

1. For ultimate protection, choose ANSI Z87+. 

Generally, the safety eyewear we need on construction sites, in workshops or factories, and anywhere that eye safety is a major concern, the certification that says a pair of glasses is up to the job of protecting you is called ANSI Z87+

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, an organization that defines and protects the standards for product conformity in the United States. This is a fancy way of saying that they keep American products up to snuff with their rating systems: if a product is ANSI-certified, it meets the requirements ANSI has set for its product category.

Eyewear products that meet the requirements to be ANSI Z87+ certified are those that are best designed for protection: they reduce the chances of hazardous materials or circumstances injuring your eyes. ANSI Z87+ is designed specifically to track products used in environments like machine shops or laboratories, where welding, cutting, chemical handling, and assembly can all pose a potential injury risk.

What this means for YOU is that ANSI Z87+ certified glasses are the best safety glasses for on-the-job work. 

2. Choose eyewear that can keep up with your work. 

Now that you know what certification to look for, it's time to get specific with your eyewear. Generally speaking, ANSI certification is "enough" to know that you'll be protected on the job. But what about those factors that ANSI doesn't take into consideration? For example, ANSI certification doesn't cover the "silly" things -- like what happens if your glasses slip down the bridge of your nose, or how to keep them from fogging up on hot or humid work sites. 

For these kinds of factors, you need specific lens styles and frame features that can keep up with your work. At Bomber Eyewear, we offer a wide range of lens and frame customizations (not just super cool colors, although we love those too). 

For example, anti-fog treatment on your lenses keeps your glasses from fogging up while you work. Bifocals are a great choice for people who work with small materials (or struggle with near and far vision, like we do). Depending on your job, interests, and hobbies, one type of specialty safety lens might be better for you than all the rest. Our safety collection offers a wide range of options -- but it doesn't sacrifice comfort or style. Find your favorites on our store! 

3. Look for protection against specific hazards. 

Finally, now that you've chosen an ANSI Z87+ certified pair of glasses that checks all the boxes of your work style, look for those "extra" bits of protection that come with your hobbies or line of work.

This plays back into the previous step -- identifying the kind of work you do and the potential ways you'd use your glasses is a great way to build the foundation for what you're looking for. Now, take it a step further by imagining the potential hazards you could come up against on the job. 

One thing many people in the Bomber community love about our safety gear is the patented foam lining. Not only does this lining make our shades some of the most comfortable on the market, it also makes the glasses float in water. (That's kind of our whole thing, actually.) Plus, our foam lining helps keep your glasses in place on your face, reducing slippage and acting as a natural barrier against the elements. (Check out the SPOGGLE for full sweat, wind, and just-about-anything foam protection!) 

Aside from comfort, look for special features like the detachable side shields on our ultra-popular BUZZ Bombs. Also, if you're going to be working outdoors, the traditional UV-A and UV-B shielding of sunglasses is a great call. (And note: Most "clear" safety glasses don't come with this feature.) 

And that's it! Now that you've done your research, you're ready to find the perfect pair of safety glasses for you. And here's a hint -- you'll find it in the Bomber store


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