The Best Sunglasses for Music Festivals


And those who get it, get it. There are a ton of articles out there about what to pack, how to stay hydrated, comfy outfits, and more. But we’re here to talk about a product that people might forget about: sunglasses.

We know, you’re shocked. Us, talking about sunglasses? But jokes aside, most people forget to pack a pair of sunglasses even though they plan on being out in the sun all day long. And there's nothing worse than paying scalper prices for a flimsy pair of sunglasses inside the festival. Even if you’re not dealing with sun, a lot of these festivals are out in the desert (or on a Farm, or in a dusty city park, or in a parking lot) which means sand and debris constantly being kicked up.

No dirt? No problem. But you’ll probably be surrounded by a lot of people throwing their bodies (and drinks) around.

Oh, but you plan on only going to the night show. Did you know that powerful beams of light may overwhelm the eyes and cause over saturation of the retinal pigment and thus, cause temporary flash blindness? Yeah, we had to Google that, but our point still stands -- ya need to protect your peepers while you party. 

Now that all the excuses are out of the way, let’s talk about why it’s vital that you pack the best sunglasses for music festivals.


It’s an accessory

Your outfit won’t be ruined by a pair of glasses -- only improved. In fact, you can match your glasses to your fit. The BUZZ BOMB frames have some of the most versatile colors including the Revo Pink Mirror Crystal and Polarized Rose Gold Mirror Crystal lenses. Get protection and add an accessory to your festival best.


Make a statement

Sunglasses don’t just have to be an accessory, but they can easily be the accessory. The full coverage MAGNUM is designed to comfortably and securely fit (they even fit over prescription glasses). Don’t let the size fool you—these frames are extremely lightweight and give your face and eyes the protection they deserve! And we guarantee you'll get at least four "Whoaaaaa, cool glasses!" per festival weekend.


Keep it classy (or not)

If you’re looking for a classic look then the FRANCO is here to party. Whether you're hitting the main stage, joining the mosh pit, or just hanging out around VIP, this modern answer to the classic aviator allows for maximum comfort without sacrificing style.


Boogie the night away

Most people don’t like to wear glasses because they’re the dancers of the group. No matter how much you move around, the BOOGIE won’t budge! These frames have thick temples with curved ends for ultimate comfort and the patented Bomber Eyewear foam lining provides for a snug fit no matter how much you sweat and dance!


Sweaty, sweaty

If you know you’re a sweater and have to pack extra deodorant, then you may need to make some sports performance frames like the REGGIE. The cam hinges paired with an ultralight, performance-focused frame combine to create our revolutionary ventilation technology, increasing air flow and preventing fogging during the hottest moments of a festival.


Be a Classic—and a little STRANGE

Everyone loves a good pair of aviators, but what about a unique pair of aviators? The STRANGE is Bomber's wire-framed aviator, standing out from the crowd with its ultralight, refined design. Pairing silver wire frames with a wide range of colorful statement focused lenses, the STRANGE is ready for all eyes on you—in a good way, of course 😉.


If you’re headed to a festival this summer be sure to tag BOMBER on Instagram @bombereyewear to show off your BOMBER looks!




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