The Best Sunglasses by Military Branch: A Veterans' Day Special Edition

A very heartfelt and happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who served in the armed forces! We are so grateful to all of the veterans who have served our country and kept us safe, from every branch and every tour of duty. 

Whether you're looking for a gift for the veteran in your life or you're shopping for a little extra somethin' for yourself, we've got a roundup of our favorite shades that any service member is sure to love. 

We’ve decided to keep it simple for you and break down the best glasses for each military branch. Whether you’re a devil dog or newly enlisted Space Force— we’ve got a pair of frames just for you 😎.



CLUTCH Bombs and the Army have a lot in common: they're built tough, they've gone through a ton of training and innovation, and they look damn good in uniform. Born from more than two decades of research and design, the Bomber CLUTCH safety glasses shatter the boundaries of safety, comfort, and performance. These groundbreaking CLUTCH sunglasses pair clean and modern aesthetics with tough safety features that work as hard as you do.


Air Force

It should come as no shock that we think Airmen and women would look so good in STRANGE. These frames scream Top Gun! The STRANGE is Bomber's wire-framed aviator, standing out from the crowd with its ultralight, refined design. Pairing silver wire frames with a wide range of colorful statement-focused lenses, the STRANGE is ready for all eyes on you -- in a good way, of course.


Coast Guard

If you’re in the Coast Guard, then you need the REGGIE. Cam hinges paired with an ultralight, performance-focused frame combine to create our revolutionary ventilation technology, increasing airflow and preventing fogging in those crucial competition moments. We made these frames especially for people who spend their time in the water. Whether you're leaping waves, rescuing boaters, or just hanging out in the sunshine, the REGGIE Bomb is there with you as the next generation of sport safety sunglasses made as tough as the seas.



Built for the extreme—the Navy would look best in Bomber’s goggle-like frames, the MAGNUM. As our first safety glass designed specifically to comfortably and securely fit over prescription glasses, the MAGNUM is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing on-the-job eye protection. We picked these for the Navy branch because you never know what the ocean might throw at you. Wherever you go, the MAGNUM will keep you safe. 


Marine Corps

Somebody call in the Bomb Squad, because we've got an explosion of style and safety on the scene. (Oh gosh, we're sorry for that one, Marine Corps.) Similar to the Marine Corps (and those devilish dress blues 😍), the PIPE Bomb is designed for maximum efficiency alongside timeless style. The wide-width frame offers maximum coverage with the wraparound style you'll find on racetracks around the world. Keep up with the competition in this round-meets-square lens style, complete with Bomber Eyewear's patented foam lining for ultimate fit and comfort.


Space Force

We hope no one was surprised that the BUZZ Bomb belongs to those in the Space Force! These flat-top visor safety sunglasses offer a full-coverage, oversized lens look in a wide range of classic Bomber colors. With the removable side shields attached, the BUZZ Bomb becomes an ANSI Z87+ certified safety lens. Just like Buzz Lightyear — the BUZZ Bombs are out of this world.


Be sure to follow and tag us on Instagram @bombereyewear to show off your Bomber pride! We want to know how you're honoring the vets in your community. Take the time today to thank your loved ones and community members for their service, and do what you can to practice random acts of kindness for vets in your community. A little "thank you" goes a long way!


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