The Best Glasses By Face Type

Are you wearing the best glasses for your face shape?

This week, we're taking a look at some of our favorite Bomber-style glasses by face type, and sharing our recommendations for shades and safety gear based on that stunning asset of yours -- your face! 

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The Best Bomber Eyewear for...

...Heart-Shaped Faces!

Faces are called "heart-shaped" when the jaw forms the narrowest point on the face. Your best bet when it comes to glasses is to look for something that mirrors the shape of your own face: wider on top than it is on the bottom.

For that reason, people with heart-shaped faces benefit from creative frames like cat-eyes and sporty frames with a sleek, futuristic vibe. You can't go wrong with Bomber shades and safety gear! 

Our Recommendation: For a square look, try these JACO tortoise brown sunglasses. For something with a little more flair, LABOMBA is a great play on the traditional cat-eye sunglasses. AHI and REGGIE are great choices for safety gear!


...Round Faces!

Round faces benefit from being able to wear just about any glasses frame. The frames that tend to look the best, however, accentuate the natural curve of the face by sitting comfortably above the cheekbones. 

For round cheeks, chunky or square frames draw the eye and offset the cheekbones in a natural, flattering way. To that end, oversized lenses and frames with sharp angles are a great choice for round faces. The wilder, the better! 

Our Recommendation: In addition to the ultra-stylish JACO and LABOMBA, people with round jaws will love our MEGA and BOOGIE Bombers. 


...Oval (Oblong) Faces!

There's no need for a long face when you've got all the choices in eyewear under the sun. For oval or oblong faces, which are longer than they are wide, round or square lenses offer an elegant, classic look that sits well with your face's proportions. 

If you're a fan of more traditional looks, squared lenses are the way to go. For something on the more creative side, a classic aviator lens is a good choice, but you can also get creative with oversized frames and clever cuts. 

Our Recommendation: For more of a retro look, try the MANA and TIGER Bombs on for size. (More of an aviator fan? Try the STRANGE!)


...Square Faces!

Square faces come with strong jaws, which means you need a strong frame to match! It's a good idea to stay away from square lenses on a square face, as the hard angles tend to draw attention to strong jawlines as opposed to softening them. 

The best bet for a square face is a round lens: whether that's a comfortable aviator, a wrap-around "shield" style, or a trendy, small-framed style is up to you! 

Our Recommendation: The GROM is a great choice for people who like the rounded look (and for kids!). Plus, our ever-popular STRANGE and BEER Bombs are an excellent fit for fans of the traditional aviator frames.


Looking for your favorite style? Head on over to our collections and find the best glasses for your face! 


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