The Best Eyewear for Winter 2022

We may be headquartered in California, but that doesn't mean we're strangers to winter! For all you skiiers, snowboarders, snow-trekkers, and car-unburyers, we're breaking down the best winter eyewear as we head into 2022. Keep those peepers protected in any kind of weather with the best of Bomber Eyewear! 

The Best Sunglasses for Skiers


It's time to HIT! THE! SLOPES!! For many of our favorite people, snow season is synonymous with slope season. Whether you're stumbling your way through your first bunny slope or you're pirouetting through the black diamonds in Aspen (can you pirouette on skiis? You're just that good), a trusty pair of sunglasses is a crucial component of your loadout. For the less experienced, there's no need to go all out on a hundred(s)-dollar set of ski goggles. Instead, go for a trusty sunglass that doesn't break the bank. We hope you don't find out what a "yard sale" is, but if you do, at least you won't be looking for $500 Ray-bans in the snow. 


The Best Sunglasses for Snowboarders


You asked (and asked and ASKED) and we answered! The MAGNUM is Bomber Eyewear's answer to, "What happens if you blend sunglasses and snow goggles and then make them extremely comfortable?" We designed the MAGNUM for people like snowboarders, who need maximum coverage without sacrificing style or comfort. Most importantly, the high speeds (and sometimes high impact) that come with snowboarding can lead to ice shards or kicked-up snow heading right for your peepers. Trust us, the first time you roll off that lift, you'll be glad to have the MAGNUM on your face. (Okay, maybe that sounded better in our heads?)


Should I Choose Sunglasses or Goggles? 

As a side note, many winter athletes ask us if sunglasses or snow goggles are better for the slopes. Generally, the answer depends on your personal preference, but also has something to do with skill level. If you're just learning your pizza and French fries, you'll probably be most comfortable in plain ol' sunglasses. For people hitting the race course and the trick zone, full coverage can be more important. Choose what feels comfortable and offers the best coverage for your eyes! 


The Best Sunglasses for Snow Glare


If you'll be out and about in the weather this winter, you'll want a style with a comfortable fit and decent coverage. We recommend something like the CLUTCH, which offers good protection for your eyes with its wide fit and removable side shields. If snow glare is your biggest concern, consider going for polarized lenses as well -- this will help with color correction and contrast when you're looking at all that gorgeous powder! 


The Best Sunglasses for City Winters


Who said winter gear couldn't be stylish? The BUZZ Bomb is our most popular style for good reason. It suits the ~high fashion~ trends of 2021 and 2022 (oversized lenses, we're lookin' at you!) while also offering wide coverage to block that terrible city wind between blocks. Take off the side shields for a classic look or keep them on to block out flurries and dripping icicles. We won't judge you if you jump over that slush puddle, either. 


The Best Sunglasses for Driving in Snow


When driving, visibility is king. But at the same time, you're in a comfy enclosed space (with a HEATER!) so you don't need as much when it comes to coverage. We like classic styles like the STRANGE, since you can never go wrong with an aviator. However, polarized lenses are also a good idea if you're worried about driving in snow glare -- as we mentioned, the level up on color correction and contrast can help a lot if you find yourself squinting to find the lines on the highway. 



Wherever the winter may take you, we hope your favorite pair of Bomber Eyewear gets to come along for the ride! Stay tuned for new winter faves, snowy sales, and more coming soon!




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