Te Moana Nui Games: Cheering on Joey Aloha in July 2023!

Man, aren't our friends just the coolest? We finally got a chance to connect with amazing waterman, lifeguard, and all-around epic dude Joey Aloha. 

Joey is a competitive athlete in addition to his work as a self-described "water-person."

"Growing up here in Hawaii, being in the ocean and learning how to engage with it is just a part of everyday life for many of us," he says. "Surfing, diving, fishing, swimming, paddling… whatever it is, as long as I’m in the water, I couldn’t be happier."

This July, the Hawaii local is off to the sunny shores of Tahiti for the 2023 Te Moana Nui Games

This competition focuses on traditional Polynesian sports: things like coconut tree climbing, stone lifting, and foot races while carrying bundles of supplies -- all activities you'd find in day-to-day ancient Polynesian life. And let us just tell you, the training for this competition is I-N-S-A-N-E. We're talking carrying giant boulders, uh, underwater in addition to his "regular job" as a lifeguard. Y'know, no biggie. 

"As I prepare for these competitions, I am constantly physically and mentally ensuring that I have put in the necessary time, effort and discipline required to be successful," he says. "To me, competition is an opportunity to hone-in on a certain activity or challenge... I’m not necessarily concerned about the other people I am competing against, but rather just being the best version of myself that I can be, and hopefully that’s enough to be victorious in the end."

We've been big fans of Joey since he found us at The Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic a few years ago... he came to check out our tent, won our trivia contest, and the rest is history! 

"Since then I never turned back!" he tells us. "I love that they FLOAT! They look good! They are comfortable! They have a variety of styles… and they are super affordable!"

If that's not enough to make us blush, Joey called Bomber shades "Literally the BEST shades in the business for the type of work I do, along with the shades being stylish and comfortable. I was always really impressed with the flotation ability of the shades especially when dealing with water."

Well, we're really impressed with YOU, Joey. 😘

Join us to cheer on the unbelievable Joey Aloha this July! He's currently in the final countdown (*cue training montage*) leading up to the competition -- and we can't wait to see what this year brings! 

You can follow Joey on Instagram at @joeyaloha_ -- and while you're at it, check out the Lahui Foundation, where Joey and his community help raise money on behalf of native Polynesians and underserved populations in Hawaii. 

Watch Joey talk about the upcoming Te Moana Nui games <here>.


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