Let's Meet: The SMART Bomb!

Quick-witted intelligence, snappy dressing, bright and fresh -- the word "smart" can apply to so many things, and that's why it's the perfect name for one of our most classic styles. 

This week, Tommy and Jamerien join us as we take a closer look at the SMART Bomb! 


What inspired the design?

TOMMY: Oh, jeez, this is totally going to date us. 

JAMERIEN: We're both big fans of this old show from the 60's called "Get Smart". It's a play on secret agent stories like James Bond -- the main agent, Maxwell Smart, kind of runs around making a mess of things but still manages to save the day at the end. 

TOMMY: We like him because he's an everyday dude like us, you know? But he still has style and class, and he still gets things done at the end of the day.

JAMERIEN: So when we started designing the SMART Bomb, it just reminded us of our favorite Agent -- they totally channelled those "secret agent" vibes while also being something you could throw on to drive to the grocery store.

TOMMY: And voila! The SMART Bomb was born. 


Why do you think people like the SMART Bomb so much?

JAMERIEN: It's just such a timeless classic. When we introduced the SMART Bomb in 2014, we wanted to find a balance between our kick-ass performance elements and something with more of an "everyday" style. The SMART Bomb really ticks both of those boxes. 

TOMMY: A square frame look like the SMART really never goes out of style. So when you add all the good stuff that makes Bomber "Bomber", you've got a unique product that looks good on everyone and works as hard as the person wearing it. It's a win-win. 


Are there any customizations available for the SMART Bomb? 

TOMMY: The SMART Bomb was actually one of the first frame styles we shipped out as a Blue Light option! Plus, it's part of our specialty MANA series

JAMERIEN: You can also get the SMART in pretty much every tinted lens color we offer -- green, blue, ice blue, pink, and smoke, along with a few other colors. You can choose between tortoise, two-tone smoke, or black for the frames, and that gives this style a lot of versatility. 


Any other fun facts about the design or production to share?

JAMERIEN: We weren't expecting our gaming community to have such an exciting response to the SMART Bomb, but once we started offering the Blue Light SMART Bomb, it sold out practically overnight!

TOMMY: Now, it's by far our most popular Blue Light offering -- again, we think it's because you get that classic, timeless look, but you're also packing in a ton of versatility and functionality that you can't find in other brands. It's been a best-seller of ours since we introduced it in 2014, and we can't wait to see where this "Smart" style goes next! 


And there you have it! The story behind our tried and true classic, the SMART Bomb. To try on this ultra-loveable style yourself, grab your faves while supplies last! We're pretty partial to the Polarized Pink Mirror SMART Bomb -- and don't forget you can grab the Blue Light version for those long days at the office! 


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