Let's Meet: The BEER Bomb!

One of our classic frames is heading into the Great Beyond of past Bomber styles -- but before we say goodbye to the BEER Bomb, we want to send it off in style!

In honor of National Beer Day, check out the interview below for the details on this unique style's origins, and grab a BEER Bomb or two (and a cold one or two) before they're gone for good! We'll keep 'em in stock until we sell out, but then we're clearing the shelves for new and exciting Bomber styles. 


What inspired the design of the BEER Bomb?

JAMERIEN BONACCI: As always, our community!

TOMMY BONACCI: We had a lot of requests early on for an aviator-style frame -- and this was LONG before we designed the STRANGE, so the BEER Bomb became Bomber's first aviator.

JAMERIEN: In fact, you could almost call the STRANGE Bomb the "2.0" of the BEER Bomb -- the STRANGE offers a lightweight wire frame more in line with the "classic" aviator, but the BEER Bomb has our patented foam lining.

TOMMY: And it floats! 



Where does the name "BEER" come from?

TOMMY: (Laughs) From the drink, of course! 

JAMERIEN: Drinking beer helps you relax, lowers your inhibitions and -- when you're smart about it! -- usually contributes to some good times. That warm and fuzzy feeling is what we wanted to capture in these frames. 

TOMMY: Forget beer goggles, the BEER Bomb is the perfect accessory for tailgating, beach parties, you name it! 


Why do you think people like the BEER Bomb so much?

JAMERIEN: People have loved the "classic aviator" look forever. In fact, until we started designing the BUZZ Bomb based on requests from the community, an aviator-style Bomber frame was our biggest request. 

TOMMY: By 2015, we were ready to roll out a frame that combined the best of both worlds: the classic aviator look with Bomber's trademark style and comfort. 

JAMERIEN: Plus, one major thing that sets our BEER Bomb apart from traditional aviators is the amount of coverage they get -- if you're out boating or fishing or surfing, you're going to get less wind and water in your eyes than with a traditional aviator.

TOMMY: And if you lose your glasses in the water, no worries -- that's what our floating foam lining is for! 


Why is the BEER Bomb being discontinued?

TOMMY: We used to carry all kinds of tints and colors for the BEER Bomb, but we've transitioned now to mainly stocking up on the black and silver mirror versions. This is partially based on customer demand, and partially on our desire to make room for the new styles we've been stewing up. 

JAMERIEN: We can't say anything yet since the new products are still in the "Bomber Vault," but we're getting really excited!

TOMMY: Plus, with the STRANGE Bomb acting as our BEER 2.0, we're still able to provide classic aviators with that trademark Bomber style. 


Do you have any final thoughts to share about the BEER Bomb?

JAMERIEN: Well, we're sad that the line is going out of production, but we're really excited to see what comes next.

TOMMY: Exactly! 

JAMERIEN: Plus, if you want to know a secret, all BEER Bombs (except the Black & Silver Mirror) will be on sale until we're fully out of stock -- and when they're off the shelves, they're gone forever! 

TOMMY: So make sure you grab this piece of Bomber history while they're still available! 


To get your own BEER Bomb or two, check out the collection while supplies last!




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