Even More Ways to Save on Bomber Eyewear!

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Bomber Eyewear, then you know our excitement levels when we introduced the Bombastic Rewards Program and the Bomb Squad a while back. Our favorite part of what we do is being able to connect with our Bomber community and give back to the those who support us the most 🤙!

But how exactly do these programs work? 


Bombastic Rewards

Bombastic Rewards allows our shoppers to collect points, cash in on discounts, and take part in exclusive Bombtastic Rewards giveaways. The more you shop, the more you earn! VIPs in the program earn extra points, and even free sunnies! 😎

Joining the rewards program is the easiest thing to do! There are several pop-ups where you can enter your e-mail and/or phone number to get exclusive discounts and rewards. Or you can click the link called “Rewards” on the top homepage. Don’t forget to add your birthday so you get a birthday gift from us to you! 

You can collect points by creating an account, for every $1 spent, following us on social media, referring friends, on your birthday and by reading our blog! For every 100 points, you earn that’s $10 in Bomber Cash that you can redeem on your next purchase. *300 points is the maximum number of points you can apply at one time.

Rewards dollars act the same as gift card balances, and they never expire. Just apply them to your cart before checkout, and you'll save a chunk of change on your purchase!


Bombastic VIP
Once you’ve made it to VIP status you can indulge on all the perks of VIP status 😎! Bombastic VIPs are big spenders and committed supporters who stock up on BOMBER sunnies. And the more you spend, the more you'll earn!
Once you create your Bombastic Rewards account, you start out as a Silver member, and earn 1 point for every dollar spent. After you spend $250+ or more on, you'll be bumped up to a Gold membership.
Gold members earn 1.25x the points of Silver members, can cash in on a one-time free shipping, and get access to exclusive products not yet released to the public. Don’t forget VIP’s also get early access to sales!
Platinum members are Bombastic VIPs who have spent $500+ or more. You'll get all the cushy rewards of a Gold membership, with an extra boost to your points (1.5 points for every dollar), plus a FREE pair of BOMBERS on your next order! 😜


Bomber Referral Program

Once everyone sees you wearing your new BOMBER frames everyone will be asking where you got those from. You may want to send them the BOMBER Eyewear website but WAIT ✋…before you do send them your referral link!

When you're ready to share the love, you can give new Bomber shoppers $20 and you earn a $20 reward yourself!

When you set up your Bombastic Rewards account, you can head over to the “My Rewards” section of your account and at the bottom you will see an easy form where you can drop your friends’ e-mail addresses.

Once you enter a friend's address, you'll be able to track who you sent an invite to, and if they've cashed in their $20 welcome coupon. Once their first purchase goes through you will receive a message with your $20 reward waiting for you!

Sign up for the Bombtastic Rewards program here!


Bomb Squad

Bomber Eyewear’s exclusive influencer and brand ambassador program. If you live and breathe the Bomber brand, are constantly getting compliments on your glasses, and/or have an active following on social media then we want to work with YOU!

The Bomb Squad is our place for influencer and brand ambassador partnerships. Read on to find out more about this exciting new program. To apply, visit our Brand Ambassadors page here. You can also navigate to this page from our homepage: just click on "Brand" and select "Brand Ambassadors" from the dropdown menu! 

Once you're accepted into the project, we'll send you the sunglasses or safety gear of your choice in exchange for a product review on our website and your original content on social media. Alternatively, you can sign up to be a Brand Ambassador and earn a 10% commission on any sales you refer to friends and family with your custom promo code or purchase link.

But there is a difference between influencers and ambassadors, so let’s break it down!



Influencers are people with a large following on social media. Right now, we're looking for social media influencers with large followings on Instagram and TikTok. Our social media influencers receive free gear in exchange for posting your review and content on your social media pages! Right now, we're only accepting product-exchange partnerships for influencers.
You should apply for the Influencer program if...
  • You have a healthy following on Instagram, TikTok, and/or other social media platforms
  • You have an established history of sponsored brand partnerships and a plan for kick-butt content about your Bomber gear
  • You want to receive free Bomber products in exchange for reviews and posts on social media
To apply into the Bomb Squad Influencer program, fill out this form.


Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are influencers who want to take their partnership a step further, or our friends who may not have a large following on social media but want to spread the word about Bomber Eyewear to their friends and family. Our brand ambassadors do NOT receive free products, but they DO receive a 10% commission on all purchases made through their custom promo code or purchase link once you make at least $200 in sales.
You should apply for the Brand Ambassador program if...
  • You have an established history of brand partnerships or ambassador agreements
  • You have a network of friends, family, colleagues, and/or cool neighbors who would be interested in the Bomber brand
  • You want to make a 10% commission on all sales made via your custom promo code or purchase link (paid out via PayPal once you've made $200 or more in sales)
Please note: Publishing your coupon code on any discount-sharing sites like Honey or RetailMeNot is considered a violation of the Brand Ambassador agreement and will result in the cancellation of any commissions and removal from the program.
To apply into the Bomb Squad Brand Ambassador program, fill out this form and select "Brand Ambassador" as your interest area.


Now, you can apply to be both a Brand Ambassador and an Influencer, but you can only be a member of one program at a time. If you're interested in both programs, select "Both" as your interest area on the application form and we'll reach out to you if we determine you're a good fit -- then we can decide which program suits you best 😎. And don’t worry—we can always move you over to the Brand Ambassador program if you're happy with your initial results!

To sign up for this program fill out our application form. If you have any questions about the application, feel free to reach out at


Sign-Up for E-mail and SMS

We hinted at this earlier, but did you know that you could sign up for emails and text messages direct from the Bomber team?! Our email and text (aka SMS) services are the best place to find out about sales, freebies, and discounts.

Plus, if you respond directly to a text message or an email you get from Bomber, an actual human member of the team will reply back to you! We're able to do this through a new service called Bomber Concierge, and we can't wait to hear from you :) Just reach out with any questions about your order, current sales, knock-knock jokes, and pics of your amazing gear -- someone from our team will get back to you ASAP! 

You can sign up for email here or sign up for SMS by texting BOMBER to 35256. We'll thank you for signing up with 15% off your next order of $25 or more. Please note you can't apply both coupons to the same order.

➡️ Quick tip: If you've spent $250+ or more on BOMBER products under the same e-mail address, you're officially a Bomber VIP!


Now that you've got the scoop on saving money, what's stopping you from buying all your favorite Bomber styles?! If you need a place to start, check out our new additions to the CLUTCH collection or shop the ever-popular BUZZ Bomb.

And share your selfies on Instagram @bombereyewear. Can’t wait for you to join the Bomber family! Happy shopping!




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