DIY Eco-Tourism: Make All The Memories, Leave No Footprint

Now that we're starting to travel again and enjoy socially-distanced adventures, we're able to get out and about for our favorite things. And this Earth Day, we're celebrating the start of the summer vacation season with an introduction to one of the best ways to experience the planet: DIY Eco-Tourism.

What is Eco-Tourism?

The practice of eco-tourism refers to exploring the world we have while protecting its natural resources. It's an excellent way to get in on Earth Day festivities while planning your next adventure. 

Some companies around the world have created a unique vacation niche offering guided tours, hiking excursions, and other adventures designed to experience and protect the world's natural wonders. For example, the Palau Conservation Society offers kayaking tours and jungle treks in Palau, as well as scuba diving tours through designated no-fishing areas. 

Why is Eco-Tourism Important?

By participating in eco-tourism rather than mass tourism (think expensive resorts with overpriced drinks and lots of trash), we protect more of the Earth's natural resources. It's a great way to celebrate our planet and our sense of adventure!

But on a more serious level, eco-tourism is growing in popularity for very important reasons. 

  • It minimizes the impact we have on the planet (think wasting fossil fuels, creating trash, damaging local ecosystems, etc.)
  • It builds cultural awareness and respect, both for the areas of the planet we don't get to see as often and for the Indigenous cultures that live there
  • Oftentimes, eco-tourism is provided by conservation societies or nonprofits -- this means that your vacation dollars go directly toward saving the planet rather than lining a hotel mogul's pockets
  • And perhaps most importantly, it provides a positive and encouraging experience for visitors and hosts alike, allowing us to connect through our love of the Earth

How Do I Practice Eco-Tourism On My Own? 

If you don't have the cash to spend on a guided adventure, you can still bring eco-tourism practices into your own explorations. At Bomber Eyewear, we're HUGE about taking adventures that do something good. 

Here are just a few ways to practice "DIY" eco-tourism:

  • Bring your own metal or reusable straws
  • Shop for organic sunscreen
  • Reduce your travel footprint by taking car shares or trains and skipping plane trips when you can
  • BYO reusable water bottle
  • Support the local economy wherever you go -- mom and pop shops, local restaurants, and family-run B&Bs
  • When hiking, stay on the trail -- conservationists keep these trails intact for a reason!
  • Use extreme caution when encountering wildlife or simply just leave them alone.
  • "Take only pictures, leave only footprints" -- this means "packing out" any trash like protein bar wrappers and soda cans, too

With all the fixings of a DIY eco-tourism adventure, you're ready to take on the world -- and protect it while you're at it. This Earth Day, share your delightful adventures with us on Instagram! Follow us on social @bombereyewear and let us know what you're up to! We hope you're taking your Bombers on all your adventures this year. 




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