Can you wear contact lenses on the job?

Spoiler alert: Yes, you can! But wear safety glasses over top.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), all employers who wear prescription lenses or contact lenses in the workplace must still be wearing protective eye equipment as well. Most workers simply wear goggles or protective glasses over their lenses or contacts.

This requirement was put in place because of the thousands of eye injuries that occur daily. Around 60% of work-related eye injuries occurred because workers did not have on their safety glasses, and others were not wearing the proper safety glasses.

This may make the most sense, but wouldn’t it be better if you could integrate your prescription with your safety glasses?

Nowadays there are a wide variety of brands that offer prescription safety glasses, but if you’re looking for prescription safety glasses that are OSHA-compliant. (And guess what? We've got that covered.)

Here's what to think about when it comes to prescriptions, contact lenses, and the job site. 


Look for ANSI Z87+ Certification

Safety glasses that are rated ANSI Z87+ will generally meet the standards and regulations that have been set by OSHA. We offer ANSI Z87+ certified prescription safety glasses!


Styles and Frames

Prescription safety glasses are available in a variety of styles and frames. Your choice of prescription safety glasses should match the strength of your prescription and how you plan to use the glasses. Also make sure the frames fit your face and aren’t loose to avoid slipping and falling off throughout the workday.


Polycarbonate Material

Polycarbonate is the preferred lens material for safety glasses. Prescription safety glasses that have plastic lenses or glass lenses can be ANSI Z87+ approved, but they won’t be as effective when resisting impact as the prescription’s safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses.


Goggles vs. Specialized Eyewear

Depending on your field, you may want to consider wearing goggles over top of your prescriptions. Some jobs that include working with liquid or chemicals can still splash under the lenses. However, when working with radiation, flying objects, dust, or dirt, then specialized eyewear with attachable shields will help protect your eyes. The BUZZ Bomb safety glasses come with attachable side shields to guard your peepers from sideways debris and wind.


Doubling Up Can Be Uncomfortable

Wearing two layers of protection over your eyes isn’t the most comfortable. And with contacts your eyes can become dry from wearing something over top of them throughout the day -- this adds a level of discomfort and danger to the job site, so it's a good idea to take as many steps as you can to keep your eyes safe during hot, sweaty, dusty days. Prescription safety glasses will be a much better option so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or vision.

Never fear -- we've got the solution! Our collection of Bomber prescription safety glasses meet the ANSI Z87+ and impact-resistant standards, are shatter-resistant, and are made with the highest quality materials available!


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