Big Kid Snow Days: Creative Winter Activities For "Grown Up Kids"

Who said that only children can enjoy a good snow day? Since becoming an adult—especially since turning 21 😜—we have had MORE fun on snow days than ever before. And that’s because we know how to add a new level of excitement, competition, and downright FUN to our outdoor winter activities.

Bomber HQ is filled with grown up big kids. We know how to work hard, and we definitely know how to play hard. We don’t let something like a little snow stop us from exploring the outdoors during the cold months!

Well, maybe that’s because we’re stationed in California, but still—we know how to make the best out of any situation! Even if that includes finding outdoor adventures in the snowy mountains.

Here are a few winter activities for those grown-up children in your life -- yeah, we've all got 'em. Here's how to keep 'em entertained!


Nerf Gun vs. Paintball War

You’ve had a snowball fight before, right? Well, we chose to take it up a notch with Nerf Guns. It's the ultimate collab you never knew you needed. Get two teams in an open area to have a Nerf Gun fight in the snow. Create barriers or hideouts with snow, award points or weapon upgrades for particularly impressive attacks, and purchase brightly colored bullets and vests so nothing gets lost in the snow.

Want to take it to the next level? Have a paintball fight in the snow! Imagine having a paintball war and when you’re done and look around the snow is covered in colors—not exactly a white Christmas, but definitely a party! Just make sure you practice safety precautions (no, liquid courage does not count) and wear protective gear such as the BOOGIE Safety -- Clear lenses give you protection and perfect vision to size up the competition. 


Up In the Mountains

This next activity isn’t necessarily available everywhere and we recommend doing your research before giving a company your money, but hear us out: dog sledding. Not only do you get to learn about the dogs and history of the sport, but you get to bond with some of the most intelligent and strongest pups in the country -- all while taking in the sights of the beautiful snowy mountains. And as a tip: don’t stand up while the dogs are pulling the sled!

Next to snowmobiles, dog sleds are practically the under-acknowledged jet ski of the mountains. We don't make the rules! 


Friendly Competition

Ultimate sled race. Anything can turn into an extreme sport when you add the word “ultimate” before it. Make it a competition about who can get down the hill the fastest by adding a racing bracket (and maybe even a cash prize?) to the first-place winner. Before you know it, ultimate sled racing can quickly become a yearly tradition between a group of friends!


Ice, Ice Baby

Who says fishing is just for the summertime? Ice fishing is truly a rush. Just imagine hanging out with your friends on a frozen lake fishing through an open hole on the ice…there’s simply nothing else like it.

But remember -- you're sitting on only 4 inches of ice. You may be able to drill a hole into it, but we don’t suggest weighing it down with a lot of tools and equipment. Consult an expert before setting up your on excursion, or if you've never been out on the ice before, book a guided trip with expert supervision (and plenty of alcohol to keep warm!). 


We’d love to know what your favorite outdoor winter activities are -- and possibly even add some more to our list! Be sure to style your winter outfits with your favorite pair of sunnies. Don't forget to show off your winter adventures by tagging us on Instagram @bombereyewear and #bombereyewear!




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