5 Things You Might Not Know About Bomber Eyewear: Side Shields, RX, and More!

Whether you've been with us for years or you're just trying on your first pair of Bombers, you should know by now that Bomber Eyewear is ALL about making life easier for our amazing community. That's why we're here to share 5 secrets you might not know about Bomber Eyewear: from our prescription lenses to our removable side shields, bulk orders to ~secret~ sales or sunglasses side shields, we've got a little somethin' special for everyone. 

Secret #1: You can bundle and save. 

See that shiny "Bundle & Save -- Shop Now" button in the bottom right of your screen? That's not a hallucination -- it's a real offer for sick stellar superb s-adjective savings. Anytime you buy two or more frames, you can get a discount of at least 20% on your order total. It's as easy as a few button clicks! 

Secret #2: You can add side shields to make your safety glasses ANSI Z87+ rated. 

This is new -- it's not just the CLUTCH that comes with removable side shields. The CLUTCH and BUZZ Bomb are all known for their removable side shields -- in other words, you can rock ANSI Z87+ safety certification when you're on the job, then remove the side shields for a lightweight, fashionable fit outside of work hours. But did you know that we also offer removable side shields as an add-on for the GOMER Bomb? That's right -- you can buy attachable side shields for the GOMER Bomb in Black or Clear for a whopping $5. Yup, just five bucks and you've made your GOMERs fully ANSI Z87+ safety rated. 

Secret #3: You can get prescription lenses. 

A lot of people don't realize that Bomber Rx is a thing -- but it totally is!! If you love our style but you're committed to your prescription glasses, the truth is that you're NOT limited to overpriced eye store sunglasses! You can shop Bomber's prescription options at, where you can upload your prescription and choose from some of our most popular frame and lens styles for the ultimate fit for YOU. 

Secret #4: We have ~secret~ sales sometimes. 

*Cue the X-Files theme song* Okay, it's not THAT level of secrecy, but we do offer exclusive eyewear sales to certain people in our audience from time to time. The best way to get access to sales and discounts is to sign up for both our email newsletters and our text message marketing service. Every once in a while, we'll run an SMS-only or email-only sale that you have to be ~in the know~ about to take advantage of. We do the same thing on social media, so make sure you're following us on Instagram @bombereyewear for the latest and greatest details. 

Secret #5: You can always talk to a human. 

This might be our favorite feature we're sharing today: When it comes to customer service, we put our money where our mouth is -- literally! You can ALWAYS talk to a human when it comes to customer service requests. Say you're signed up for our email list and you just got the ~exclusive~ scoop on a sale -- but you've got questions. You can just hit "reply" to that same email and your message will go directly to a member of our customer service team. That means a real live human (*GASP*) will answer your request as soon as possible.

The same goes for our SMS/text message program. If you reply to our text messages right from your phone, a Bomber Eyewear agent will hop on to help you with your questions or comments. 

So how 'bout it? Did you learn something new today about your favorite eyewear brand? We're so glad we have you in our community and we can't wait to impress you even more the next time you place an order. So what are you waiting for?! Find your new favorite sunnies and let our stellar service dazzle you 🤩




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