Bomber Ambassador Artist, Hilton Alves Paints Murals to Inspire Children

Text taken from NORTH SHORE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - By: Taylor Preza

A wall at Kaewai Elementary now has a whole new look after North Shore artist Hilton Alves, completed his stunning wave mural painting at the school earlier this month.

With the help of over 300 keiki (hawaiian for children), it only took Hilton Alves, our ambassador artist, a total of two days to finish the mini make-over. 

It was all a part of his volunteer Surf Art Kids-Seven project, where his goal is to paint seven murals, in seven schools, in seven weeks, starting from August through October. He hopes to inspire over 5,000 keiki by the end of his journey. 

"My goal is to inspire them to you know paint and have fun," said Alves. "I want to use the experience as a surfer to inspire the kids to do the same, you know if they surf they can paint something nice and make a difference for their community."

Alves first starts off each mural by painting the background himself, and once that is done, he encourages the students to jump in and help. 


Kaewai Elementary School was his first mural of the seven he plans to paint. The students had painted a variety of fish and other sea animals in Alves' mural which consisted of a big wave along with a majestic sunset. 

Elementary schools are mostly chosen because he believes he can inspire them to really achieve their dreams, whether it be painting or not. It gives the students a chance to do something they have never really done before. And it makes all the difference when the students look up to him.

"I think the elementary schools, when I tell them you can do it, you can paint, they can dream bigger and follow their dreams and say I just want to be just like you," said Alves. 

In November Hilton will be traveling to Sentosa Island, in Singapore, to paint three more murals part of the 101 Perfect Waves - a separate International Mural Project. 

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 -- NORTH SHORE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) – By: Taylor Preza

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