Some of the Action at Surfercross 2015

August 06 2015 0

Surfercross 2015 -- an event that took place just last week on August 3 - 4, 2015. Comprised of legends from both worlds of surfing and motocross competing against each other at this two day event.  With the first day's motocross festivities at Milestone Park, and the second day of surfing at San Onofre State Beach.  Here's some highlights.  All pictures were taken by Bomber Eyewear founder Tommy "the Bomber" Bonacci who also competed at the event.

The winning team: Mike Brown & Josh Sleigh with the best combined overall scores.

Team Bomber's David Kuwada, from Hawaii.

and his partner Justin Lee

Hi-fiving it up for a podium finish!

Yewwwwwwwww 2nd place win | TIGERbombs

Bomber Surfergirl Sophia Bartlow & motocross legend Jeff "Chicken" Matiasevich right before his heat

in her IRIEbombs



Most Unexpectedly Cool Moment at Surfercross - David Pingree and Sunny Garcia look on as freestyle motocrosser Blake "Bilko" Williams busts out a handstand after smashing 3 heats.  Check out the sequence:

Chris "Fish" Fischetti with a 4th place overall win (industry division) | MEGAbombs



Mike Lassic | BOOGIEbombs

David Kuwada enjoying Wahoo's catered yumminess, served by Wahoo's owner himself, Wing Lam | TIGERbombs

Some more action . . .

Chicken sequence:

Jeremy Albrecht -- big THANK YOU to this guy for putting together this event!!

More Chicken

Mike Sleeter & Grant Langston