10 Summer Hairstyles to Show Off Your Sunglasses

We know you love Bomber Eyewear, and there’s no way you would ever let our cool styles get hidden behind a mountain of hair. Honestly, if you ever need some serious #HairInspo, just go check out our Instagram -- some of y'all could be professional stylists with the incredible photos you tag us in! 

In the meantime, check out some of our 10 summer hairstyles that look good with glasses and show off your eyes -- but more importantly, your sunglasses. What can we say? We're biased that way. ;-) 


Grab A Hat

If you’re worried about a sunglass and had combo hiding your face…don’t! A bold hat can make a statement and keep your hair out of your eyes -- and away from your all-important sunnies -- at the same time. Go classic with a bright backwards baseball cap, luxurious with a floppy hat, or trendy with a patterned bucket hat. The bonus here is a killer look with an ~outdoor adventures~ vibe. 


High Ponytail 

If you’re looking for a style that is both chic and practical, a high ponytail is just the thing for you! Tying your hair back will not only keep the hair off your neck on a hot day, it also accentuates your glasses. Add some flavor to the look by flipping your ponytail to one side or add in a brightly-colored accessory (like a 90s scrunchy, classy barrette, or big ol' bow) for a flash of color. 


The Man Bun

Okay, so we know all you fancy Gen Z'ers are calling this a "top knot" these days, but we're stuck in our ways and love calling it a Man Bun. Either way, you can't go wrong with that side-shaved look -- show off those cheekbones, man!! Don't mind us, we'll just be daydreaming about surfers with sexy sunglasses over here...


Messy Bun

“Messy buns get things done!” What’s great about this hairstyle is that you can whip it together in a fraction of a second. Just grab your trusty hair tie (you know, the one that stays on your wrist until it snaps or gets lost to the waves) and throw that hair in a gorgeous messy knot. Pair with some perky frames, and you've got yourself a fun and funky look that says, "Yeah, be jealous -- I woke up like this." 


Loose Side Braid

A stress-free way to handle all of your hair during the summer months is with a messy side braid. You want the braid to look a touch disheveled, so make sure you go back and rough it up with your fingers for an edgier look (unless you're headed out on the boat or getting ready for a run -- it'll get plenty messy on its own!). Add in your favorite Bomber shades and you've got an elegant-yet-didn't-try-too-hard look that's perfect for all your summer selfies. 


Go Long

Especially when it's time to hit the beach, long waves or braids can make a major statement -- and show off your sunnies at the same time. Whether you're looking for the perfect ~beach wave~ or just keeping it natural with your windswept best, you can't go wrong with a hairstyle that shows off your best features. (Palm fronds optional.)


Let It Loose

While we're talking about ~long, flowing locks~, we want to call out the Fabios in our lives. Yeah, we're talking about the lads who let their locks go -- long, loose hair is a gorgeous look for dudes, too, and we can't get over the way this looks with our sunglasses. Is it weird that our hearts are beating a little faster? 



Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs with sunglasses are a chic and edgy look perfect for beachside brunch. Bangs frame your face in a way that is excellent for showing off your eyes, and by default, your glasses. This look works for dudes, too -- bangs are back in style, baby!



Half-Up Half Down

The half-up half-down is a magical hairstyle achieved from indecision -- hair up or hair down? The result is a hairstyle that can be roughed up at the roots for a casual daytime look or slicked back for a chic office-friendly style. (You know, for when you need to wear sunglasses in the office.) Pulling your hair half back pulls your hair out of your eyes -- and brings the focus to your cool new sunglasses.



Low Buns (No, Not Those)

Get your mind out of the gutter, Bomb Squad. The "low bun" is a great choice for dudes and dames alike. It keeps your hair out of the way, especially on a surfboard or in the water, and it looks damn good while you're at it. Grab a hat, kiss a fish, and take this hairstyle on the road with an easy, comfortable look that does all the work for you. 


Which hairstyle are you most excited to show off your sunglasses in this summer? Let us know on Instagram (@bombereyewear), and be sure to show off your Bomber best!


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