Community First: Bomber Eyewear Responds to COVID

If you know anything about the Bomber Eyewear mission, you know that we're dedicated to our community in every way we can be.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began threatening livelihoods and safety around the world, we've been working to help our community whenever possible. Whether that means sharing messages of positivity to our email list and social media followers, or connecting first responders with gear that keeps them safe on the front lines, we're trying to make a difference in our community each and every day.

One of the best parts of having a community like ours is that we constantly have the opportunity to ask for feedback and interact with our supporters. We love hearing the incredible things you're doing, and we love finding new ways to show you we care.

Here are just a few of the ways we've been working to support our entire community through this crisis. We hope sharing our experiences will help our readers find a little bit of stability and positivity in these unprecedented times, and we encourage you to share stories of your own that show how much stronger we are together. 

  1. Safety glasses donations to Staten Island University Hospital with Visconti Motorsports. 

    Did you know that Bomber Eyewear is the official sponsor of the NASCAR team Visconti Motorsports? We donated 500 pairs of safety glasses to our East Coast team, where volunteers from Visconti banded together to distribute the glasses to health-care workers in their hometown of Staten Island, NY. 

    Read the whole story in this article from!

  2. Donations to Texas Fire & Rescue's first responders. 

    In another part of the country, we sent a shipment of safety gear to the team at the Glenn Heights Professional Firefighters Association in Texas. You can check out the boys in blue rocking their Bomber gear on Facebook! 

  3. Civil Service Discount Program for first responders.

    In response to the COVID crisis, we rolled out the Civil Service Discount Program, which offers 50% off all Bomber products to people on the front lines: first responders, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, military, fire & rescue, and lifeguards. It's just our way of saying THANK YOU for everything you do!

  4. Improved rewards program and referrals for our online community. 

    We wanted to do something for the rest of our community, too, so we decided to make retail therapy a little easier on everyone. The Bombastic Rewards referral program is officially up and running: drop your friends' email addresses in the "My Rewards" section of your Bomber account to invite them to the Bomber family, and they'll save $10 on their first order of $24+. For every completed referral, we'll gift you $10 in points!

  5. Positivity central on social media and in the blog. 

    Meanwhile, we've been focused on sharing messages of positivity and love on the blog and our Instagram account. We've always been big on highlighting the cool things our community members do around the world, but now, we're even more committed to getting those ~beach vibes~ out there, with plenty of content to keep you grounded and entertained during quarantine. (Not sure where to start? Check out our blog post on 20 Self-Care Tips To Try At Home.)

  6. Let's hear from you! Front line workers rocking Bombers and saving the world. 

    We've had so many healthcare workers and first responders reach out to us to show the ways their Bombers are helping them get the job done. Here are just a few of our favorites below!


In the face of so much uncertainty, the important thing to remember is that we will get through this crisis TOGETHER. We would love the opportunity to share messages of strength and support from the community members we love -- people like you who are saving the world one step at a time. 

What are YOU doing to get through these trying times? And how can Bomber Eyewear help you make a difference? Share your story on social media -- we always share our favorites! 


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