20 Self-Care Tips To Try At Home


Are you taking care of yourself?

The last few weeks have been a time of uncertainty and concern for our community. Here at Bomber Eyewear, we’re dedicated to supporting you the way you support us: we want to be a part of the solution! 

While we’re social distancing, it’s important to take some time for ourselves. The Bomber team collected some of our favorite self-care activities we can practice at home. Each day, be sure to wash your hands, eat healthy, and take time to check in with YOURSELF! Together, social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. 

We’ve got this!

Here are 20 ways to practice self-care at home:

  • Learn a new hobby. Got time on your hands? Pick up a new craft, like woodworking, playing an instrument, cooking, painting, or origami. Watch online tutorial videos, sign up for a virtual class, or order supplies from your favorite online retailer. 
  • Call a friend. You can still keep up a social life while social distancing. Call or video chat with a friend, neighbor, or family member!
  • Make a gratitude list. Each day, write down a few things you’re grateful for. Add to the list as often as possible, and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day, like your bathroom mirror. 
  • Start a compliments folder. This is a great practice for people working from home! Anytime someone praises you in an email, has something nice to say during a meeting, or just tells you they like your latest selfie, write it down and store it somewhere. Reading through this folder is a great way to boost your spirits! 
  • Take a bath. Warm water and bubbles solve just about everything. 
  • Start a journal. While some write in order to sell a book or an idea, many just do it to organize their thoughts, make connections, solve problems, and even soothe stress. And just getting something out of your head and onto paper can truly be a cathartic experience.
    • Set a new goal. Looking for a challenge? Set yourself a new goal, like “practice the guitar for ten minutes every day” or “each morning, hold a plank for ten seconds longer than I did yesterday.” Sometimes, simply setting goals offers a huge boost to motivation!  
    • Get active. You can still lift weights, work out, and have dance parties at home. Each day, try to get your heart pumping for at least thirty minutes. 
    • Teach yourself something new. Do you know how to introduce yourself in French? What happened during the War of Roses? Who exactly is Simone de Beauvoir? Take some time to research something you’ve never learned before. (If you don’t know where to start, you can search for a random article on Wikipedia!)
    • Buy yourself something nice. Yes, really! Sometimes, a small gift to yourself can be a great mood booster. Support small businesses by shopping at an online store you’ve never tried before, or treat yourself to a delicious delivery dinner. (P.S. You can treat yourself to some top-notch sunnies in our clearance section!)
    • Host a virtual game night. Hop on your favorite video conferencing app and play virtual board games or video games with your friends. 
    • Speak with a therapist. Social distancing can be tough on our mental health. There are many online, app-based, or phone-based therapists available to speak with at any time!
    • Sleep. Make sure you’re getting enough shut-eye. Afternoon naps, cat-naps, and naps in the sun… Need we go on?! 
    • Stop procrastinating on Just One Thing. Is there a task that’s been lurking on your to-do list? (We’re looking at you, taxes.) 
    • Change up your surroundings. If you can’t go on vacation, bring the vacation to you! Mix up your routine a little by making a small change: rearrange your bedroom, swap out your blankets, or hang up some new posters. 
    • Try a social media cleanse. Go through your social media friends and followers and remove anyone who adds negativity to your feed. Hitting that “unfriend” button can be so satisfying! 
    • Take a tech-free day. If you can, unplug for a day. Read books, play board games, talk with your roommate or partner, or try a new recipe!
    • Fix something around the house. Leaky faucet? Broken doorknob? Cabinets need painted? Fix that thing that’s been bothering you in your house or apartment--you know the one.
    • Spend time in nature. Take a walk, garden, or just open the windows to let in some fresh air. Your body will thank you! 

    • Listen to music. Take a deep breath, put on your favorite "Beach Vibes" playlist, and imagine your favorite summer day on the sand. (Looking for new tunes? Try this oh-so-chill exclusive from our friend Jordan T!)
    • Snuggle a pet. Some quality time with your cat or dog goes a long way. Bust out your pet’s favorite toys and have a play date! No pet? Look up some cute puppy photos (and send us your favorites)!

    And as a bonus… Take some time to support your community. Some people help themselves by helping others. If you find yourself searching for new ways to help during the COVID-19 crisis, you can still have a huge impact on your community from a distance. Shop small by supporting your local restaurants and small business retailers--and don’t forget to tip your servers and delivery drivers! Putting a smile on someone else’s face is a great way to put a smile on yours. 

    From everyone at Bomber Eyewear, we say, "Stay safe, and stay informed!" Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and support each other in every way you can. Follow updates from the CDC and your local government, such as not touching your face and being sure to disinfect counters, door knobs, and frequently handled objects every day. If you are heading out, take a few extra steps to protect yourself: it may sound silly, but even something as small as wearing sunglasses can offer an extra layer of protection--and keep you from touching your eyes! 

    Whether you’re adjusting to that “work from home” life or finding very little changing in your day-to-day activities, we’re here to support you in every way we can. Practice positivity, stay informed, and check in on your friends! 


    The Bomber Eyewear Family




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