Bomber in Action: Physician Assistant Jennifer DeJarnett

If you know anything about the team at Bomber Eyewear, you know we're all about supporting our awesome community. We are so inspired by the first responders and medical professionals who keep our communities moving forward in the midst of crisis. 

Today, we sat down with Physician Assistant Jennifer DeJarnett to hear more about how she uses her Bomber Eyewear in action. 

As a Physician Assistant in Orthopaedic Surgery, Jenn focuses on treating the musculoskeletal system: muscles, bones, and joints that can go through a lot of strain. In a practice like Jenn's, healthcare providers work to prevent, diagnose, and treat various disorders, injuries, or other issues that crop up in our bodies.

"I love the patient interaction, the challenge of diagnosing and treating patients," she says. "I also love helping people through the process of healing from their various injuries and getting back to their normal life." 

While she's in the emergency department and operating rooms, Jenn comes prepared with her favorite Bomber safety eyewear. 

"I absolutely love my Bomber glasses for my job," she says. "I wear them in the Operating Room as well as performing various procedures in the Emergency Room. They are lightweight, offer great protection and are fashionable!!!"

Outside of the workplace, Jenn can be found traveling with her family. "Road trips are my absolute favorite!" she says. 

In fact, Jenn's family is what brought her to Bomber Eyewear in the first place.

"I discovered Bomber through my husband," she explains. "Tommy is actually his cousin! We have always loved sporting our Bomber Eyewear through the years." 

When she's on the job, Jenn needs safety eyewear that works as hard as she does. The professionals who work in the medical world need full protection for their eyes, without sacrificing comfort or dealing with foggy lenses all day. And through Bomber Eyewear, Jenn has found her perfect fit. 

"My favorite style is most definitely the MANA," she says. "They fit like a glove and give me the wrap around protection that I need."


We'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to Jenn for representing Bomber Eyewear in action, and to all the medical professionals, first responders, and safety workers who keep our communities running smoothly! 

To shop Jenn's favorite style, check out the MANA styles here. And if you're a first responder, don't forget to check out our Civil Service Discount Program! We are so grateful for everything you do! 


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