Your Questions Answered: 7 Glasses Hacks You Never Knew You Needed!

How do you avoid foggy lenses? Slippery nose bridges? Glasses that fall into the ocean and are never seen again?

You stop by the Bomber Eyewear blog, of course!

This week, we're exploring seven lesser-known glasses tips that take your eyewear to the next level. Specs-wearers, this is for you: Check out these seven glasses hacks you never knew you needed!

1. How do I keep my glasses from fogging up when I'm wearing a mask?

Whether you're strapping on a mask for a hard day's work or you're headed to the (socially distanced) grocery store, there's little more annoying than fogging up your lenses while you're wearing a mask. There are a few ways to avoid this pesky condensation: Wash your glasses with soap and water before putting on a mask, invest in a mask with a nose clamp, or slide your sunnies a little further down your nose.

Light soap and water (plus a couple minutes of air drying) helps your lenses fight against mask fog. On the other hand, a mask with a nose clamp (or simply a folded tissue near the bridge of your nose) creates a more perfect seal for the air around your face, keeping moisture from your breath away from your lenses. Sliding your sunnies down the bridge of your nose does the same thing: By minimizing the amount of contact your glasses have with your nose, you cut out fog while staying masked and safe! 

P.S. If you're shopping for your next pair of Bombers, try out our anti-fog sunglasses! This coating helps your lenses resist fog and condensation, so you keep your eagle-eye vision no matter what you're working on. Anti-fog is a great choice for safety glasses and prescription sunnies alike! 

2. How do I keep my glasses from sliding down my nose while I'm working?

We've all been there: You're in the middle of a project, sparks flying and power tools roaring, when all of a sudden your glasses start sliding down your nose. How do you keep your sunnies on your schnozz when your hands are full? 

You can take the stylish route and invest in a simple glasses cord. Adjustable glasses cords keep your gear on your face no matter where your day takes you. If glasses ties aren't your style, try hair ties: Wrap a hair tie (the thin elastic kind, but bonus points if they're cool colors) around the arms of your glasses, then slide the hair ties up so they're hidden behind your ears. The hair ties add extra friction to stop slippage before it can ruin your workday! 

3. How do I keep from losing my glasses in the water?

Easy! Grab a pair of Bomber shades with our built-in, patented foam lining. These sunnies are designed to float with ~the motion of the ocean~. If you lose your shades while you're out on the boat, fishing in the shallows, or doing a sick jet ski trick, you can get them back without paying for shipping and handling. 

4. What's the right way to clean my glasses?

We see you, shirt cleaners. We all know that designer shades and prescription glasses should be taken care of. That means regular cleanings with a lens cloth and signature spray, not the edge of a sweaty tank top. However, you can get away with light dust treatments if you take a few minutes every couple weeks for a deeper clean. 

Beware of DIY lens cleaner recipes, especially ones that include alcohol, baking soda, or vinegar. These treatments can actually damage your lenses (especially if they have any professional coatings, like anti-fog or scratch resistance). Instead, rinse your glasses with warm water and let them air dry, or pat gently with a clean tissue to avoid water spots. If you've got tougher grime on your lenses, gently wipe them down with a drop of dish soap on the tip of your finger. Then, rinse, dry, and you're off to the races! 

5. How do I protect my glasses from scratches?

Start by wearing glasses with scratch-resistant lenses -- but know what you're buying. "Scratch-resistant" does NOT mean "scratch-proof." (Believe us, if "scratch-proof" lenses were a thing, sunglasses would be a LOT more expensive!) A scratch-resistant coating increases the life span of your shades and specs. It gives your lenses a little extra oomph when it comes to things like sand and dirt, but only if you commit to regular cleanings. 

If you've got a scratched lens, try this fun (and minty fresh!) DIY hack: Toothpaste! For small scratches, apply a tiny amount of gentle toothpaste to a cotton ball and buff away the scratches with small movements. (Think, "Wax on, wax off!" on a small scale!) Make sure to avoid toothpastes that tout "advanced formulas" or "whitening action." These tough toothpastes have abrasive chemical ingredients that are great for your teeth, but can break down the coatings on your lenses. 

6. How do I keep from bending my glasses frames?

Weirdly, the easiest way to keep from bending your sunnies over time is to take them off with two hands instead of one. When you think about it, removing your glasses one-handed puts extra pressure on the legs and bridge of your sunnies. Removing your glasses from the front (in one motion, and with even pressure on both sides of your frames) helps maintain the shape and elasticity of your sunnies.

Over time, however, it's natural for your glasses to warp a bit as they adjust to the shape of your face. If your frames are lopsided, try to avoid the urge to bend them back into place: This can actually make the problem much worse, or break your frames altogether! Instead, store your glasses somewhere safe (like in a case or tucked into an Optigrabber), and take them to your local optician for a tune-up from time to time. 

7. I can't see without my prescription lenses! How do I find my glasses when I can't see them? 

This one's for you, Velma Dinkley! If you wear prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses, the best way to find your glasses when you can't see is to whip out your cell phone camera. This is especially useful for people who are near-sighted. Not only does the screen of your phone give you a bigger, clearer picture to examine, but the high quality of modern cell phone cameras acts like a prescription lens itself in making it easier for you to find those pesky runaway sunnies. 

If you store your glasses at night, avoid knocking everything off your bedside table by attaching a piece of glow-in-the-dark tape to the outside of your glasses case. Night-light AND convenient glasses-finding solution? It's a win-win! 

There you have it: Seven tips for glasses-wearers that you never thought you needed. What's your favorite weird glasses tip? Let us know on social media by showing off your favorite DIY glasses hacks! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram (@bombereyewear) and drop a #bombereyewear in your hashtags. 




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