Why wear boring ol' safety glasses, when you can wear BOMBER?!

Let's get something straight: Bomber Eyewear is one of those brands that makes you FEEL good when you LOOK good. Our whole "thing" is blending comfort and fashion with top-of-the-line safety features.

Which brings us to today's question... Why wear boring ol' safety glasses, when you can wear BOMBER?!

Sure, there are cheaper options out on the market, but we all know how uncomfortable and unpredictable those 20-pack hunks of plastic can be. There's nothing worse than gear that fogs up at exactly the wrong moment, or fits so poorly it slides off your nose on a hot, sweaty workday.

That's why we invented... well, everything we invented! 

At Bomber Eyewear, we believe that EVERYONE deserves to FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD while investing in the best-of-the-best in eye protection. 


More than just "safety gear."

When you're on the job, what you're wearing has more of an impact than you may realize. When our founder Tommy Bonacci worked on job sites, he noticed a large number of teammates who grumbled about wearing safety glasses -- or worse, skipped wearing them altogether -- because they were uncomfortable, or because they felt like the cheap gear made them look silly.

With Bomber gear, you don't have to sacrifice style for safety. We reimagine classic sunglasses frames and cutting-edge fashions to create safety glasses that check every box.


Science-backed comfort, fit, and function.

Did we mention the Bomber lab? Each of our safety glass designs goes through extensive rounds of R&D. Furthermore, we're constantly refining and improving our lens coatings. We didn't feel like ANSI Z87+ safety certification was "enough," so we figured out how to bring in antifog, photochromic, and mirrored lenses. 

Plus, if you've heard one thing about us here at Bomber, it's probably the term "floating sunglasses." Most of our styles come with our patented foam lining, which -- you guessed it right! -- makes our gear float in water. But more importantly on the work site, this foam lining makes our safety glasses more comfortable than just about anything on the market. The lining creates an extra layer of security between your eyes and any flying debris or sparks -- and it guarantees a secure, comfortable fit that won't leave you with headaches (unlike all that cheap poking plastic from the 90s 👀). 


Community-sourced design and evolution. 

We don't just believe in our products -- our community does, too! We have one of the awesomest, chillest, most bad*ss communities on the planet, and we're constantly in contact with Bomber fans to see what you think of the latest drops, or what you're interested in seeing next. 

By working with our community, we're guaranteeing we have the best and highest-quality offerings out there -- don't just take our word for, take the thousands upon thousands of reviews on our most popular frames!


So... why wear cheap "safety glasses" when you can wear Bomber?

Convinced, yet? We sure convinced ourselves. When you're ready to give Bomber Eyewear a try for yourself, check out our BEST SELLERS for some of our longtime favorites. Or if you're not sure where to start, grab a few (dozen) pairs from our SALE section -- find out what you like, and come back again and again for your new favorite sunglasses and safety glasses! 


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