When Do You Need to Wear Safety Glasses?

We've been talking a lot about safety recently -- and for good reason! Our shades aren't simply designed to look cool. They're meant to be the top of the line in ANSI Z87+ safety certification, too! 

But what exactly does it mean to wear safety glasses? And if they're so important, why don't we wear them 24 hours a day? (Pro tip: Bomber safety gear looks so good you could totally wear them around the clock... the shades might be a little dark at night, but you do you.) 

In this blog, we're breaking down the basics of eyewear safety: 5 things you need to know about when to wear your safety gear.

1. Pop on those safety shades on the job site.

When you hear the term "ANSI Z87+ rated safety glasses," what's your first thought? Many people think of a construction site, workshop, or an auto repair shop. Safety glasses are a critical part of any job site uniform, whether you're grabbing indoor-only gear or a pair of high-class sunglasses for outdoor work. It's important to remember that safety glasses aren't limited to times when you grab a power tool -- safety glasses should always be worn on the job site to protect from flying debris and other sudden risks. 

2. Grab safety gear before any DIY projects. 

Household injuries don't just happen in the garage. We can't count the number of stories we've heard of lead-based paint chips, asbestos particles, and other indoor detritus flinging into somebody's eyes -- or worse, causing permanent damage. 

3. Don't forget safety eyewear during high-intensity sports and activities. 

In a similar vein, one of the most-forgotten risks to our permanent vision is the wind. Harsh wind, especially in high-energy situations, can be linked to things like macular degeneration and chronic dry eye. These may not sound "that bad" on the surface, but poor eye protection is a major cause of rapid vision loss. And think about it -- do you really want salt spray, smoke, or that one toddler's sneeze-germs heading into your eyes? We didn't think so. 

4. Vision-ending accidents can happen just about anywhere. 

If there's even a chance that your eyes are at risk, you should be wearing safety glasses. Hiking, hitting the beach, running around the park with your dog and a few pointy sticks, you name it. Safety glasses do more than protect just the eyes, as well -- we've heard stories from real customers describing the way a pair of glasses deflected a power tool headed straight for somebody's eye socket. No matter what you'll be working on, don't be That Guy who tries something without eye protection and pays the price. 

5. UV rays can damage eyesight just as badly as an impact injury.

Finally, we've got one more culprit to shake our fists at: the sun! As much as we love those summer rays, our eyes don't like 'em quite as much. UV radiation from any source -- but most often, natural sunlight -- can damage every part of the eye, not just your retinas. Things like cataracts, painful vision-impairing growths, and even certain types of cancer can all be traced to over-exposure to UV radiation. Safety sunglasses should be certified to block both UVA and UVB light (like ours do!). There are also options like blue light glasses and clear or gently-tinted lenses that block UV light without impacting your vision. 

Whether you're an experienced welder hanging upside down from a bridge (we've seen it) or a home DIY'er trying out a circular saw for the first time, it's time to grab a pair of safety glasses. 

Bomber Eyewear's ANSI Z87+ safety glasses run the gamut from standard clear or yellow-lensed eye protection, to dual-action safety glasses and sunglasses, to our fancy-pants options with removable side shields that block wind and debris. 

No matter which of our ANSI Z87+ safety certified styles you choose from, feel confident wearing your Bomber safety gear anywhere -- and everywhere -- you go! 




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