What are bifocal sunglasses?

You've seen 'em on the site, but you might be wondering... Exactly what are bifocal sunglasses?

We’ve heard the term “bifocals” before but what does it really mean? 👀


The Definition

To set the record straight, bifocals are glasses that have a correction for your distance vision on the top of the original lens. Bifocal sunglasses just add the sun protection on top of it! Bifocal driving sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun while providing extra protection against the glare you see on the road. Also, the extra magnification on the bottom of the lenses will replace your need for an extra pair of readers to help you see what is close to you.


The Importance

The importance of bifocal shades are for those who are constantly in the sunlight but need an extra boost when having to complete sight-sensitive tasks outdoors. These special bifocals will make tying fishing hooks and knots more easily visible. You will also be able to see fish and tackle better.  In addition, many of our law enforcement guys find these pretty handy when having to write a ticket, as they don't have to remove their shades to put on a different set of readers, bifocals, or prescription glasses to do so.  


The Benefits

There are countless reasons to try bifocals, but some of our favorite benefits include:

  • Correcting your vision
  • UV protection
  • Safety (seriously, our ANSI Z87+ safety certifications don't play around)
  • Seeing clearer over different distances
  • Only need one pair since it helps with long and short distance sight
  • More affordable than prescription glasses
  • Shorter adjustment period
  • And most importantly -- you don't need a prescription to shop bifocal shades! 


The Bomber Collection

The Polarized Bifocal Collection combines the utility of classic bifocals with the eye protection power of polarized lenses. Whether you’re boating, jet skiing, or just having a beach day, the Bomber patented foam lining technology gives your sunglasses the ability to float in case they’re dropped in the water. The polarized lenses protect your eyes from long-term eye damage from the sun and water glare, while our bifocal technology adapts to your vision needs on the go. 

Bomber Bifocals combine comfort with safety. These frames have foam lining providing comfort and support as well as they will float if dropped in water. Bomber bifocal lenses have two viewing areas divided by a visible line: a larger viewing area for distance with a smaller segment for reading. And most bifocal frames are ANSI Z87+ certified!

The shades featured in our Polarized Bifocal Collection bring the benefits of bifocals and polarized lenses together: Polarized bifocals are an ideal shade option for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors who doesn't want to constantly switch between their prescription glasses and sunglasses. And if our bifocals aren't your jam, give our prescription sunglasses a try at


If you’re rocking a pair of the Bomber Bifocals, then tag us on Instagram @bombereyewear to show off your stuff! We love seeing what you get up to on your adventures, and we can't wait to see where you take us next -- in short- and long-distance, of course! 


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