We're On TV!! Bomber Eyewear X Luke Shepardson, Winner of the 2023 Eddie Invitational!

OMG OMG OMG OMG *cue fangirl squealing here*

We're on TV!! Bomber Eyewear had the honor of spectating the 2023 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational surfing contest at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. So like, no big deal, but this year's winner -- bada$$ lifeguard Luke Shepardson -- rocked a pair of Bombers (the Pipe bombs) in his TV interviews after winning one of the biggest surfing events in the world. 

We LOVE going to The Eddie every year - whenever the waves make it possible for the contest to go on. As many of our team members make the pilgrimage to Hawaii as possible, because there's nothing quite like watching those big personalities take on some of the biggest waves in the world. Named for Eddie Aikau, the legendary surfer and waterman, The Eddie can be called the "Super Bowl of surfing" and only takes place if the waves at Waimea top 20 feet. This competition is one of a kind and absolutely LEGENDARY, and we love taking part of it in any way possible. 

A note about Eddie himself: If you haven't heard of him (we'd be shocked), Eddie Aikau was the first lifeguard to take on duty at Waimea Bay and saved more than 500 lives during his career. In addition to his stellar lifeguarding reputation, Eddie was a big-wave surfer who took on some of the largest waves on record in Hawaiian history. In 1977, Eddie even won the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship, which at the time was the largest surfing competition in the world. Today, Eddie Aikau's legacy is an important part of Hawaiian history and culture, and we love joining the 1.2 million online and in-person spectators of the event each year. 

Eddie Surf Competition Invitational 2023 winner, Luke Shepardson, epitomizes the spirit of The Eddie -- a lifeguard himself, Shepardson went down to the beach during his break and casually swept the competition. And then he headed back to finish his shift lifeguarding at Waimea Bay.  (You know, no big deal -- we're just totally obsessed with him.) 

Oh my goodness, we are so obsessed with this guy. And so honored that he repped our gear on the big screen! Check out the video from KITV 4 ABC, the Hawaiian TV station that had us squealing over our cornflakes when we saw the footage. And if you want to be like Luke (and honestly, who doesn't?) grab a PIPE Bomb or two. Then sit back and watch some of the footage from competition day and Eddies gone by -- seriously, you won't regret taking the time to check out this heart-pumping, one-of-a-kind sports event. 

photo by Erik Kabik 


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