The Best Glasses for Snow

Whether you're hitting the slopes or just making a snowman with the kids (or, like, your roommate -- fun's for adults, too), it's the season of snow -- and the season of snow-safe sunglasses! Many people associate winter with warm beanies and 90s-era snow suits, but forget to factor in eye safety on those cherished snow days. In fact, light reflected from snow can be just as damaging to your eyes as sunlight bouncing off the waves -- so take it from us, and protect those peepers! 

Today, we've collected some of the best features you should look for in sunglasses for snow. We've also made a few frame suggestions from our best-and-brightest catalog, like our best sellers the CLUTCH and the BUZZ Bomb.

There's no reason to sacrifice style and comfort when you're lookin' for safety -- and that's why we've got you covered! Check out Bomber Eyewear's best sunglasses for the snow and be sure to snag 'em while supplies last. 


Glasses with side shields

Especially if you're coasting down a mountain at a gajillion miles an hour, side shields are a critical component in the best sunglasses for snow. Styles like the ever-popular BUZZ Bomb and CLUTCH allow for removable side shields, so you can drive in style on the way to the resort, then snap 'em on when you hit the lift. Side shields keep out debris and the worst of the wind, protecting your eyes from impact damage. Our newest style, the MAGNUM, offers all the style and vibe of the BUZZ and CLUTCH along with fuller coverage extending to the forehead and under the eyes with our patented, cozy foam lining. If you're used to a more goggle-like feeling, try our "spoggles," like the sunglasses-style H-Bomb or the safety strap-style BUG Bomb

Glasses with mirrored lenses

Okay, let's do some math. White snow + bright light = ouch. So white snow - bright light = YAY, right? The best way to reduce that "bright light" stabby-stabby feeling is by blocking the sun's most harmful rays as they bounce off the glittery ice and head your way. Luckily, all Bomber sunglasses block harmful UVA and UVB rays -- but if you're looking for a little more snow blindness protection, your best bet is sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Not only do they look sick as heck, mirrored lenses cause a portion of the sun's rays to bounce away from you without sacrificing visibility. This cuts down on glare, snow blindness, and other risky and harmful snow situations -- and as an added bonus, you're 45% more likely* to get a "Sick sunglasses, brah" from the lift operators. 

The best mirrored lenses for snow are usually the "winter colors", like silver, blue, and ice blue. We'll get into that in a sec, but in the meantime, a few of our favorite mirrored lens styles are the MEGA Bomb in Polarized Ice Blue Mirror (for more coverage without added bulk), the AHI Bomb in Polarized Blue Mirror (for wrap-around coverage), and the STRANGE in Silver Mirror (for +15%** to "Sick sunglasses, brah").

*We made that statistic up. Don't sue us, please. 

**We made that one up, too. 

Glasses with blue or brown tint

Another fun fact for you: Glasses with blue or brown lenses improve your visibility in low light and white light -- AKA the changing light conditions you'll find on a ski slope or a snowy day. Why is this? If you just want to go with the "science is neat" explanation, you can skip to the next paragraph. But for you Neil Degrasse Tysons out there, here's the skinny: brown or copper lenses, particularly if they're polarized, add more contrast to your vision. That means your eyes have an easier time picking out the differences in colors, meaning even if the sun is shining right into your peepers, you'll be able to see where the ski slope ends and the "oops, I need a rescue" tree line begins. Meanwhile, gray-tinted lenses with a blue-tinted coating (think any of our polarized or mirror blues) provide extra contrast, reduce glare, and add extra color to your vision, especially in changing light conditions (think ski lift to ski slope, ski slope to ski lodge, ski lodge to why is the ski lodge so dark, oh I should probably take off these sick, brah sunglasses).  

Polarized glasses 

Finally, when in doubt, go with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses have some neat science attached to them that reduces glare, improves color contrast, and detail definition. In other words, polarized sunglasses offer your best conditions for turning a rapidly-changing, glare-inducing snowscape into a high-definition dreamscape winter wonderland. When you combine the other features--like gray lens bases with a blue tint, mirrored lens coatings, and side shields to block the worst of the weather, you've got a bada$$ snow glass (ooh, that rhymed) that will keep your eyes safe no matter the slope or the snow. We recommend, oh, something like the MAGNUM Safety in Polarized Ice Blue Mirror, or the back-in-stock CLUTCH or BUZZ in the same color. 

Hitting the slopes this snow day season? Let us know where your Bombers take you on Instagram at @bombereyewear! We can't wait to see your snow pictures, whether they're your sickest stunts, your hippest snowpeople, or your most impressive (to us, anyway) skiing wipeout "yard sale". 


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