The Best Glasses For Motorcycling: What To Look For + Bomber's Picks

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We got called out, y'all. Our motorcycle community has been growing -- and GROWING -- and we've waited WAY too long to give you all a shout-out.

So today, we're breaking down the best sunglasses for motorcycle riding: both what you should look for in motorcycle glasses AND our recommendations for the best Bomber stock to keep you safe (and stylin') on the road.

Let's dive in! 


What to look for in the best sunglasses for motorcycle riding

When it comes to motorcycle glasses, you're looking for safety over everything else. The best sunglasses for motorcycle riding should...

  • Reduce glare. This is especially good for all-weather situations -- if the sun is shining off snow or water, you want to keep your vision crystal-clear. Anti-fog is also a good option, since it will stave off that annoying condensation that blocks your vision. 
  • Protect a large portion of your face. Wide-rimmed lenses and full-face frames are the way to go. 
  • Have a snug fit. A close fit keeps bugs, dirt, and other annoying wind-blown stuff from being blown into your eyeballs (or just, like, sticking to your cheek in a spot where you can't reach it comfortably, which honestly might be worse). 
  • Sit comfortably and safely under your helmet. This is a SERIOUS contention -- besides the bike, your helmet is probably the most important item in your motorcycle gear. Glasses need to fit under the helmet in a safe and secure way so you know they're not going to fall off. 
  • Have high durability. Okay, we're not saying you should be able to literally drive your motorcycle over your shades, but it's a good idea to invest in glasses that can take a tumble. 


Do you need safety glasses on a motorcycle?

Yes and no! A major complaint with safety glasses for motorcycles is that they often feel too heavy, or sacrifice fashion in favor of protection. At the very least, you need impact-resistant glasses for motorcycle riders in case of flying debris or bad weather -- and aviators from the drug store won't quite cut it. 

We've heard from our moto community that Bomber safety glasses are the best glasses for motorcyclists because they offer all that good stuff we mentioned above while also being ANSI Z87+ certified. (Just remember, styles like the BUZZ need to have their side shields equipped for full safety certification!) 

When it comes to things like safety, you should ALWAYS put your trust in gear or eyewear for motorcycle riding that works hard, rather than gear that simply looks good. Luckily, at Bomber Eyewear, you know you've got both. 


Best Bomber Eyewear glasses for riding a motorcycle 

1. The BUZZ BombDo we even have to say it at this point? Full coverage, a snug foam fit, the works. Plus, it just looks damn good on everyone. 
2. The BOOGIE BombOur most popular ANSI Z87+ certified safety frame is a great choice for motorcyclists. The wider lenses give good coverage and range of vision, while the foam lining offers a close fit. 
3. The MEGA BombLike the BOOGIE, the MEGA offers "mega" coverage (sorry not sorry) without sacrificing style for function. 
4. The PIPE BombThis is a good option for bikers who like the wraparound look and feel but don't want to commit to a full goggle. The lenses are a little smaller than the other options, but you still get that close foam fit that's so critical to keeping out the crusties on the road. 
5. The BUG BombThis is our only goggle-style frame, which is why we're recommending it. It doesn't have as wide a lens as some of our other looks, but it makes up for the lack of full coverage with a form-fitting head strap. 


And a bonus: A lot of people in our motorcycle community sing the praises of anti-fog and polarized lenses. Both our Polarized Floating Sunglasses and Anti-Fog Sunglasses help improve visibility on the road. All of the glasses we've recommended above come with these optional upgrades -- so consider beefing up your purchase before you hit the road! 


Honestly, we can't get enough of seeing what you all get up to in our shades. And we'd LOVE to see more photos of your motorcycle ~looks~. Don't forget to share your adventures on Instagram @bombereyewear -- we always share our favorites on the main page! 


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