The 9 Sexiest Hands-On Jobs -- Ranked!

featuring @boogiemike / photo courtesy of @alikalopes

We're letting our hair down and getting a little silly in this week's blog! It's been pretty boring around HQ the last couple days, so we decided to spice things up with a vote on the sexiest hands-on jobs around: from safety technicians to lifeguards and everyone in between, here are our nominees for the 9 sexiest hands-on jobs for men! 


9. Onsite Construction

Sparks are sexy, y'all. Do we even have to say it? We're starting off with a classic, only ranked this low because most of the "look" involves covering up your very pretty faces. But seriously, pair those epic face covers with a flashy safety glass and you've got an amazing look perfect for Insta selfies and impressing your Tinder date in one go. 



8. Personal Trainer

Perks? Outdoor work, excellent selfies, knows what to do with a kettlebell. Cons? Maybe having too many muscles? Personal training is a pretty epic -- not to mention, pretty sexy -- way to make a living, especially when you're living your own success story. 



7. Water Rescue

Some of the water's hardest workers with half the recognition. We love our friends in water rescue, and there's something extremely hot about a guy appearing out of nowhere to rescue you -- even if it's, like, Alaska, and everyone's wearing fifty pounds of winter gear. Still sexy. 


6. Musician

We ranked this a little lower than expected because, technically speaking, not all concerts are outdoor. Also, we may or may not be a little obsessed with our friend Jordan T's hair. Can you blame us, though? 

You may not need safety gear to be a musician (look out for flying drumsticks, though), but DAMN do they look good during the performance! 



5. Athlete on Wheels (BMX, Skateboarding, You Get Us)

Seriously, how cool is that sh*t?! We had so many photos to choose from that it was hard to choose just one -- specialty athletes like bikers and skaters are well-deserving of Hot Points™️ (I mean seriously, have you seen their biceps?). We assigned a few extra points here for the sheer cool factor -- the glasses simply complete the effect. 


4. Lifeguard

You know we had to. We're the floating eyewear guys. These are the floating hot guys. You get it. 


3. Fabrication

What can we say? Sparks fly when these guys and gals get to work. Fabrication and welding are among some of the toughest down-n'-dirty jobs out there, which is why it's so rewarding to get a good look at these good-lookin' people. There's just something about that look -- you know the one, grease and sweat, actual sparks in the air, big muscles, fierce concentration... Okay, we'll stop. 


2. Firefighters

What could be hotter than someone who literally FIGHTS FIRE for a living?? Firefighters all over deserve a round of applause (and a round at the bar) for their insanely difficult work, especially in our home state of California where sometimes it feels like the whole state just wants to be on fire 150% of the time. There's a reason they make 12-month calendars with these guys, and we fully support that decision. 


1. Whatever it is this guy does for a living.

Cuz like, damn. 


So, how'd we do? If we missed your favorite sexy job in this post, let us know on Instagram @bombereyewear. (Within reason, you pervs.) If you need us, we'll be sitting over here in the corner fanning ourselves with our sunglasses cases. 




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