Strength, Family, Protection: Introducing the Jordan T Series!

Well hello, Bomber fam! We're so excited to ~FINALLY~ unveil the latest collection we've been working on: the official Jordan T Series sunglasses for four of our favorite frames. 

If you don't know Jordan T, what rock have you been living under? (We're kidding.) Jordan T is an incredible reggae musician and performer, as well as a longtime friend of the Bomber family. His music--both as a solo artist and as the singer and guitarist for bands Maoli and Katchafire--reaches across the world. He has more than 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has rocked out with crowds at reggae festivals worldwide, from Norway's Riddu Riddu Festival to Germany's SummerJam--and of course, the California Roots Festival right here in our backyard! 

We've been DYING to partner with Jordan ever since we met -- he started wearing our sunnies at events in Hawaii and his Bomber shades have become a trademark part of his style in music videos and media appearances! And now, we're delighted to reveal the official Jordan T Series

It takes an awful lot for us to name a collection after someone: for example, our MANA Series is named for our late friend and famous Hawaiian photographer, Jeff "Mana" Walthall. And our ALOHA Series is, of course, named for the welcoming and generous spirit of the Hawaiian islands.

The Jordan T Series sums up what Jordan--and Bomber--is all about. Designed in tandem with his friend and tattoo artist, Jordan's frame style is based on traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian islander tattoo designs. The individual facets of the design hold significant meaning to Jordan T and his artist friends. 

You'll find representations of five key ideals nearest and dearest to Jordan's heart: Lineage, Strength, Family, Protection, and Home. For Jordan, the design represents the protection he carries with him everywhere he goes, knowing his family and his ancestors are always there to protect and support him, no matter how far from home his travels may take him. 

Designed specifically for black frames, the Jordan T Series is now available for IRIE, GOMER, TIGER, and MEGA in Smoke, Blue Mirror, and Green Mirror. We've been working hard at this collection for several months and we're so excited to finally make it available to YOU, our amazing Bomber family! 

Like all our specialty collections, we expect the first run of the Jordan T Series sunglasses to sell out FAST, so make sure you grab your favorites before they're gone. And while you're at it, check out Jordan T's work on Spotify and YouTube. You can also connect with Jordan himself and his amazing fanbase on Instagram and Facebook

And like always, we'd love to hear what you think of the new collection! Strut your stuff on Instagram, and don't forget to tag us @bombereyewear. We can't wait to see your photos! 


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