Spring Break Packing Tips (Don't Forget Your Bombers!)

Spring has officially sprung at Bomber Eyewear, and we're hitting the road! Whether you're packing for a quick road trip or an extended (and socially distant) spring break vacation, we've got you covered with these simple spring break packing tips. 

We'll skip the basics (like clothes and toiletries), but we'll share the spring break packing essentials that will get you through the best of mini-vacations! 

What should I pack for a road trip?

  1. Your Bomber shades - it gets bright out there on the highway!
  2. All those important "I'm legally allowed to drive a car" documents (Driver's license, insurance info, registration or rental info)
  3. Extra car keys (you never know)
  4. A spare tire and a jack to change it with 
  5. Car phone charger 
  6. Electronic toll pass (if your state / your destination uses those) or cash and change for tolls 
  7. Hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and Chapstick
  8. Travel pillow, extra blankets, and an eye mask
  9. Water (buy in bulk!) 
  10. A cooler or cooler bag packed with drinks, snacks, and more snacks!

Pro Packing Tip: Duffel bags and backpacks can hold just as much as (or more than) suitcases -- and they squish a lot better, making them an ideal choice for an over-packed car. There's nothing worse than a road trip with your legs crushed into suitcase wheels! 

What should I pack for the beach?

  1. Your Bomber shades. We recommend the floating kind :-)
  2. Sunscreen -- lots of it! Sun covers like hats, saris, and light shirts are never a bad idea, either.
  3. Water shoes if sand dollars and horseshoe crabs stress you out
  4. A relaxation setup: Beach chairs, beach towel or blanket, a big umbrella for shade, and a packed cooler 
  5. Portable speakers, games, and fun things to do
  6. Beach toys, a ball or frisbee, and sand castle construction tools
  7. Safety or flotation devices for the kids
  8. Baby wipes: perfect for sticky hands, sunscreen oil, and just about anything -- no babies required! 
  9. Aloe vera or "after sun" cream
  10. A change of clothes (and deodorant) for the drive home -- nothing worse than that sticking-to-my-seat feeling on a hot day

Pro Packing Tip: If it's a particularly hot beach day, store your sunscreen in your cooler. That way, whenever it's time to lather up, you get cooled down! And a (not-so-gross) second tip -- if you're worried about beachcombers stealing your phone or car keys, put them in a (clean) baby diaper and wrap it up like it's been used. No one's touching that! 

What should I pack to go camping? 

  1. Your Bomber shades -- have we said it enough?
  2. A hanging toiletry bag and shower sandals -- those campground showers can get pretty nasty.
  3. Toilet paper. 'Nuff said.
  4. Bug spray, sunscreen, and other protective goop
  5. Rain coat or umbrellas
  6. Can opener or multi-tool (you never know)
  7. Tents and sleeping gear
  8. S'mores supplies -- oh, and probably regular food, too
  9. Duct tape -- it can fix ANYTHING
  10. Flashlights or head lamps with extra batteries

Pro Packing Tip: Chop up all your campfire food ingredients before you leave the house and pack in Tupperware or disposable containers. This way, you don't need to worry about bringing knives and chopping boards, and you won't have to keep extra ingredients cool! 

Unusual packing tips and tricks

  1. Pack a "day bag." If you're going for an extended vacation, know you'll need quick stops (gas stations, etc.), or aren't sure what to expect, having a small tote bag or backpack with all the essentials will help in a pinch. Pack it with cash, your wallet, emergency medications, all that good stuff!
  2. If you're short on space, try packing cubes or compression bags. If you're getting on an airplane, every square inch of suitcase space counts!
  3. Bring an extra garbage bag for dirty clothes. It'll keep your stinky socks away from your clean stuff, and is a great way to divide up your suitcase space! 

Where is Spring Break taking you? Let us know on Instagram (@bombereyewear), and be sure to show off your Bomber best! 




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