Retail Partnerships: How To Take Your Bomber Relationship To The Next Level!

Y'all hear us talk about how amazing our community is so often that we're probably overwhelming you with compliments. But today we'd like to shine the spotlight on one of our unsung heroes -- our dealers!

(No, not that kind of dealer.) 

Our retail partners are a fun and unique part of the Bomber family: They help us get our sunnies into the hands of their favorite customers, and we help them elevate their stock with our kick-butt products! It's a win-win for everybody, especially YOU! 

Whether we're air freighting the latest BUZZ Bombs to our partners on the East Coast or delivering the latest shipment via jet ski to our neighbors on the river (yes, Tommy has actually done that), our retail partnerships are just another way we connect the greatest community on the planet.

(That's you guys, in case you haven't gotten the message yet.) 

Who does Bomber Eyewear partner with?

You know us, we love to have fun! We partner with a lot of unique businesses, from fishing and adventure stores, to first responder organizations, to companies that support whole cities. (Yeah, really.) 

Besides a love for all things Bomber, the main criteria we have for joining the Bomber Eyewear Partner Program are...

  • An established storefront presence. This means a brick-and-mortar storefront or other in-person shopping experience. As much as we'd love to partner with online retailers and mom n' pop shops who are just getting started, our logistics systems require 
  • An established purchase relationship. A good relationship starts with a few first dates! For our retail partners, that means trying out a few big ol' orders before we make it official. If you're interested in joining our retail team but have only recently discovered the Bomber tribe, get in touch. We can arrange a large order at wholesale pricing to test the waters. 
  • ~Good vibes.~ We like working with cool people. That's why our team is 100% Cool People certified. (That's not a thing, but we wish it were.) Generally, our retail partners share our values, and the better we get along, the better our retail relationship can be! 

*Note: At this time, we require our retail partners to have a physical storefront rather than an online one. Now that in-person sales are bumping up again, we're excited to welcome more retailers to the fam! 

Okay, I'm a partner -- now how do I get my order?

Honestly, this part is easy. Like, stupid easy. Give us a call or send us an email with a list of items (including quantities) you want to stock up your shelves, and we'll send back a quote for wholesale pricing. Then we arrange shipping, and badabing, badaboom, you've got a whole bucketload of Bomber gear to show off!

(Jet ski shipping only available for people who share a river with us.)

Interested in making our relationship official? Send us an email at, call us at 888.758.1070, or skip a few steps and fill out our Retailer Application Form here. We can't wait to see what we do together! 


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