Polarized Sunglasses: The Best Choice for Every Season

Seasonal Sunglasses: Why It's Time To Make the Switch to Polarized

It’s time to swap out your summer clothes for fall and winter items. That includes accessories. You wouldn’t wear your flip flops into the cooler seasons, would you? So why would you continue wearing the same sunglasses?

One of the best things about polarized sunglasses is that they improve your vision no matter the season. Especially when the weather’s changing, a pair of polarized sunnies can keep you safe from sun glare, block wind or rain, but also improve vision and clarity.

This week, we’re breaking down why polarized sunglasses are the best choice for every season – especially when those seasons are a’changin’.


The best time for polarized sunnies is... all the time!

Polarized glasses are a great option for anyone who plans on spending a lot of time outdoors. Regardless of the seasonal changes, weather can still impact your vision and clarity, but polarized glasses can help with that.

In simple terms, polarized light is light from the sun that hits reflective surfaces and scatters in every possible direction. This can cause glares in our vision and those glares can come from the sun itself, but also the sunlight hitting water, snow, ice, or glass. Non-polarized glasses treat all sunlight equally and will reduce the overall intensity of the light -- but they won’t stop the glares from coming through.

Think of it this way: if your life is more fashion-forward or you need to protect your eyes indoors, you'll be happy with non-polarized lenses. But for travelers, adventure buddies, and all-weather folks, polarized is the way to go. 


Benefits of Polarized Glasses in Fall Weather 

  • Wearing sunglasses (in general) blocks wind, rain and dust from getting into your eyes -- polarized makes 'em extra pretty. 
  • If you’re a hiker, polarized glasses such as the MANA in Polarized Smoke can help to block allergens or insects from getting into your eyes (or the BUZZ, if you want bugs to BUZZ OFF -- we'll see ourselves out). 
  • Polarized lenses allow for reduced eye strain, increased contrast, and minimal color distortion—now you’ll really be able to see the fall colors!


Benefits of Polarized Glasses in Winter Weather

  • Reflect excess light away to reduce glare coming off in the snow -- this is crucial for our friends on the slopes.
  • Gives a clear, crisp view of your surroundings (especially when you've got your blinders on coming off the ski lift -- there's a teenager at 10 o'clock!)
  • Better color correction (for better winter views)
  • Protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation -- this might seem like a non-issue during the winter, but UV radiation only gets stronger when it bounces off the snow. That's why snow glare and snow blindness are such serious health concerns. 


    With the changes of the season come the changes of the weather -- and there's nothing like the weather for causing a major impact on your holiday travels and daily routine. Add your polarized sunglasses to your packing list for that visit over the river and through the woods, and make sure you've got a backup pair (or two, or seven) when it's time to hit the road! 




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