Planes, trains, and automobiles: The best sunglasses for you based on your job

You are now entering the WORK ZONE 🚧. With the various types of jobs that people work you might feel that your options when it comes to glasses are limited. But we promise you—they’re not! Whether you’re on the water all day, behind a steering wheel, or staring at a computer screen—there are plenty of frames and lenses with specialty features to suit any work needs.


On the Water

Fishers, boaters, lifeguards, professional water athletes, and any other jobs that involve being in or near the water means you will be getting the reflection of the sun bouncing off the water and going right for your eyes. That sunlight by the water can be brutal -- if you know, you know. But don't worry, Bomber Eyewear's got your back! We offer sunglasses that have 100% UVA and UVB protection, and the foam lining will keep your glasses on the surface versus the bottom of the ocean. The BOOGIE Polarized is one of our faves for a classic on-the-water look.


On the Field

Bomber Eyewear was started by a professional athlete, so we know what’s important when it comes to proper eyewear for athletes. You need a solid frame that won’t slip off your face when you start to sweat, and you need lenses that will block the sun, water, and other glares from blocking your line of vision. That’s why we recommend the frames that are engineered as the ultimate sports performance: the REGGIE Bomb, made for runners, race car drivers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and other performance athletes. REGGIE is Bomber Eyewear's first ever rimless style, with unobstructed views in an ANSI Z87+ safety lens. For a more classic sunglasses look, we recommend the GOMER Bomb, named for our friend and professional world champion jet skier Mark Gomez. The GOMER is perfect for jet ski racers, professional surfers, and other water athletes!


In the Work Zone

If you have a job that includes a “DO NOT ENTER” sign, you’re the real MVP. These jobs are high-risk and at times very dangerous. You take the necessary precautions to protect your body, but you also need to protect your eyes. Bomber has an exclusive line of ANSI Z87+ safety-rated lenses with high-impact stress testing and durable design. A few, like the BUZZ, CLUTCH, and MAGNUM, come with removable side shields to block wind and debris. Construction workers, architect, mechanics, scientists, and more (and also, like, your Dad) need a pair of the BUZZ Bomb Safety frames to protect your eyes.


On the Frontlines

First responders have some of the most intense jobs these days. Military, firefighters, doctors, nurses, EMTs, law enforcement officers and more are constantly putting their lives on the lines to protect us. So, to be sure to protect them, we add an extra layer of protections to first responders' PPE. The TIGER frames are our wrap-around sunglasses that can keep up with a long day and still be the most comfortable pair of shades ever. TIGER is most popular among first responders, especially in our home state of California, where we partner with first responder organizations around the state to make sure they’re protected on the job.


On the Road

If your job involves you to be behind the steering wheel and on the road, then you know you need to invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses. Regardless of the weather conditions, you will need to find a pair of glasses that protect your eyes from the sun glares and window reflections. The CLUTCH frames are the perfect transition from working hard to hardly working and can be worn on and off the job.


Behind the Screen

Even desk jobs at the offices, schools, or anywhere else needs to know that risks when staring at screens all day. Blue light from screens can cause blurry vision, eye strain, headaches, loss of sleep, and even macular degeneration—ultimately, resulting in permanent eye damage. Bomber Eyewear Blue Light glasses have blue light blocking polymer that works as a shield against harmful light from digital screens to protect against the negative effects of blue light on your eyes.


And don’t let a prescription stop you from stepping up your frames game! Bomber Eyewear RX offers multiple frames and styles for prescription glasses. 

Shop the latest collection of Bomber Eyewear’s SAFETY line. Our collection of Bomber safety glasses are especially designed to meet ANSI Z87+ and impact-resistant standards, is shatter-resistant, and is made with the highest quality materials available in the industry to provide performance and comfort that won’t break the bank. Be sure to check them out at!


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