Let's Meet: The TIGER Bomb!

When we introduced the TIGER Bomb, we realized we'd solved one of the glasses industry's biggest problems: We'd created a wrap-around sunglasses frame that could keep up with a long day and STILL be the most comfortable pair of shades ever. 

The TIGER Bomb began flying off the shelves in 2008. Since then, we've customized the TIGER to make this ultra-comfortable frame available for just about every lens type we offer, plus a prescription variation through Bomber Rx. 

This month, we talked to Jamerien and Tommy Bonacci--the superhero team behind Bomber--to find out more about the TIGER Bomb: what inspired them, why we love them, and why they've stayed so popular for more than a decade.


What inspired the design of the TIGER Bomb?

TOMMY: We wanted another wrap-around design that would be just as cool and functional as the BOOGIE Bomb. 

JAMERIEN: We'd had a few people ask us about our ideas for a lighter frame. We took what we learned from the BOOGIE and turned it into the sleeker, comfort-focused TIGER Bomb! 

Where does the name "TIGER" come from?

JAMERIEN: Tommy blurted that one out, I think! 

TOMMY: When I put on the first prototype, the first thing I thought was, "Wow, these are so comfortable to wear! They're like that Tiger Balm stuff!" They felt so good to wear that I just kept referring to them as the "Tiger Balm Bomb." 

JAMERIEN: After that, the name just sort of stuck! 


Why do you think the TIGER Bomb is such a popular frame choice?

TOMMY: I think the name of the game here is "comfort." The TIGER Bomb gives you everything you need from a heavy-duty frame like the BOOGIE, but at a fraction of the weight. 

JAMERIEN: They're designed not just to look cool, but to feel good, too. That's what the guys on the job appreciate -- they get all the safety they need from job site PPE, without the need to wear side-shields. Plus, they get to look great while wearing safety gear! 

TOMMY: Seriously, back when I worked in construction the PPE we had to wear was... not pretty. Let's just leave it at that!


Are there any customizations available for the TIGER Bomb?

TOMMY: Of course! The TIGER frame was one of the first we made available for Bomber Rx. You can also get the TIGER with pretty much every lens option we have today: polarized, non-polarized, smoke, clear, yellow, light blue, photochromic and antifog. You can also try out our mirrored lens colors, like red, blue, ice blue, green, and silver.

JAMERIEN: We haven't made the official launch announcement yet, but the TIGER is in our next edition of Blue Light Glasses! Keep your eye out for when those orders drop, because they're going to be crazy popular.


Besides the name, what's your favorite fun fact about the TIGER Bomb?

JAMERIEN: We really had no idea how popular these were going to be. Tommy made the first prototype, and we were both like, "I GUESS these will work." Turns out, we had something special on our hands. We sold out of our first order so fast!

TOMMY: And today, they're one of our most popular styles! 

Ready to try the TIGER Bomb for yourself? Whether you're a first-time buyer or you've stocked your shelves with your favorite frames, the TIGER Bomb is a great choice for every lifestyle.

To shop TIGER, head over to our online store. (P.S. Prescription versions of the TIGER Bomb are available at Bomber Rx, too!)


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