Let's Meet: The STRANGE Bomb!

It's time to get weird -- let's talk about the STRANGE Bomb! These classic aviator-style shades are one of Bomber's best-selling frames -- and we can't get enough of it!

This week, we sat down with Tommy and Jamerien to share the story behind our STRANGE-est style.


What inspired the design?

TOMMY: You did! Our fans had been asking and asking and ASKING for a classic aviator, and we knew we had to make it happen.

JAMERIEN: We're all about hearing from the community -- so when you asked for a classic wire-framed aviator, we got to work designing a classic style with Bomber flair. 

Where does the name come from?

JAMERIEN: In early 2018, around the time we started designing our aviators, we had also started working with a wonderful lady, the one-and-only Kellie Strange.

TOMMY: She repped our glasses while sporting some of the biggest catches I've ever seen!

JAMERIEN: Kellie LOVED all our frames, but she loved her classic aviators too -- she bugged us for a pair of Bomber aviators, and we knew it was time to give the fans what we wanted.

TOMMY: So we named the style in honor of Kellie, and sent her a pair as soon as they hit the shelves!


Why do you think people like this style so much?

JAMERIEN: Come on -- they're aviators! EVERYBODY looks good in aviators! Men, women, kids -- everybody loves the STRANGE Bomb.

TOMMY: These are also ultra-lightweight shades, so they're extremely comfortable to wear on the go. The STRANGE Bomb is one of our only styles without the patented Bomber foam lining, so they feel even more lightweight than some of our other popular styles.


Are there any customizations available for this style?

JAMERIEN: Not many people realize that the STRANGE comes in two wire styles: copper and silver.

TOMMY: Plus, you can grab the STRANGE in a wide variety of mirror-tinted shade colors. I'm partial to the red and the green, myself. 


Any other fun facts about the design or production to share?

TOMMY: Another reason we call these the "STRANGE" Bombs is because they're a little weirder than the rest of our collection. 

JAMERIEN: The STRANGE was the first product we put out that was solely for fashion -- because of the wire-frame design of aviators, we couldn't make them safety-rated and we couldn't add our patented foam lining without making them too heavy.

TOMMY: But you guys had been asking for wire-frame aviators for ages and ages, so we caved to the peer pressure and brought you what you asked for. They're "STRANGE" because they're unlike any other in the Bomber portfolio.

JAMERIEN: And they must be magical, because they look good on literally everyone. If that's not strange, what is?! 


You can't go wrong with a classic aviator. See what all the fuss is about and order yourself a pair or two of the classic STRANGE Bomb. And when your fancy new shades arrive, don't forget to share your style on Instagram @bombereyewear


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