Let's Meet: The MAGNUM!

It's our latest and greatest, and it's kind of our baby. But this baby is so popular it sold out almost instantly -- and we're restocking as fast as we can! That's right, we're talking about the MAGNUM, our new oversized sunglass inspired -- and requested! -- by our amazing safety and sports communities.

This week, we sat down with Tommy and Jamerien to talk about our newest style -- where it came from, why it's so bonkers popular, and everything else you need to know about the MAGNUM.



1. What inspired the design of the MAGNUM?

TOMMY: You did!

JAMERIEN: (Laughs) Seriously, sometimes we don't think that you all understand how much your opinions matter to us.

TOMMY: We got a TON of requests for a sunglass/safety glass style that could fit over prescription glasses. I got the inspiration for the look from the goggles I use to wear riding Moto. I wanted to hit both marks: a goggle-style sunglass for that oversized look our community is so into right now, and a frame that was big enough it could protect your face AND your prescription glasses at the same time. 


2. Where does the name come from?

JAMERIEN: This is our biggest style yet, designed for maximum coverage for even the biggest faces. And as to the word "MAGNUM"...

TOMMY: Well... Where do YOU think the name came from? (Laughs) You can't see her, but Jamerien's rolling her eyes right now.

JAMERIEN: If you know, you know. 


3. Why do you think people like the MAGNUM so much?

TOMMY: The MAGNUM's been a hit with our prescription-wearing community. Sometimes you don't want to shell out the big bucks for prescription safety rated sunglasses. The MAGNUM gives you the best of both worlds: maximum coverage with full ANSI Z87+ compliant protection, but you can still wear your prescription lenses underneath.

JAMERIEN: And for people who don't wear prescription lenses, we think the MAGNUM just looks pretty dang cool. The "oversized" look is extremely popular right now, and we got our first MAGNUM shipment in right as the ski season was starting. The MAGNUM sunglass is practically a ski goggle -- just about ten thousand times more comfortable -- so we weren't surprised that it was so popular with you all. 

TOMMY: We have to give another shout-out to our safety crowd here too, because they're the ones who requested an oversized lens with fuller coverage. Sometimes you just want a go-to safety glass that gives you wider protection without having to resort to a full face shield.

JAMERIEN: Plus, not to toot our own horn here, but the oversized safety glasses that already exist on the market -- you know, the ones made to go over prescription glasses -- just... aren't that cool-looking. 

TOMMY: Seriously, we can't tell you the number of emails we've had from people just so totally pumped for a new go-to safety glass that actually, y'know, looks good. 


4. Are there any customizations available for the MAGNUM?

TOMMY: The MAGNUM is available in our most popular color tints, and we're working on polarized options. 

JAMERIEN: Gold lenses are coming soon too, so keep an eye out for those!


5. Any other fun facts about the MAGNUM you'd like to share? 

TOMMY: We sold out on the same day we launched the MAGNUM. We were totally blown away. Anytime you guys sell us out, that's just the world's biggest compliment. 

JAMERIEN: We've never been happier to have a stock crisis, especially when we were dealing with those tooling issues we mentioned before. We're happy to report that we're back up to our usual manufacturing speed, and rolling out new MAGNUMs as quickly as we can get them to you. 

TOMMY: We're just glad you all love 'em so much -- as long as you keep requesting new styles, we'll keep dreaming up new frames to send your way! 


Ready to try the MAGNUM for yourself? Whether you're a first-time buyer or you've stocked your shelves with your favorite frames, the MAGNUM is a great choice for every lifestyle. 

To shop MAGNUM, head over to our online store





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