Let's Meet: The BUZZ Bomb

Our online storefronts and social media comments have been BUZZING since the launch of our newest frame style. (Sorry, we had to.) And for good reason! The BUZZ Bomb is proving to be one of our most popular frames yet, and this week, we're sitting down with Tommy and Jamerien Bonacci to break down the story behind the shades.



What inspired the design of the BUZZ Bomb?

Tommy Bonacci: Our customers did! 

Jamerien Bonacci: We got so many requests for a trendy, more goggle-like glasses style -- something that offered the protection of a visor but still looked good for hitting the beach. So, we got to work and came out with the BUZZ Bomb!

Tommy: One of my favorite things about the process is that we got the chance to revisit our last design with removable side-shields, the RAW Bomb. Any time we get to improve on a design, it makes the whole process so much more fun.


When was the BUZZ Bomb first introduced?

Jamerien: The BUZZ Bomb hit the shelves on November 20, 2020 -- and you guys rocked it! 

Tommy: Seriously, we've never had a style sell out as fast as the BUZZ Bomb did. We had to get our latest shipment sent via airfreight to our distribution centers because we can't restock them fast enough! 


Where does the name "BUZZ" come from?

Jamerien: Our VP of Operations came up with that one. It's a slang term she and her friends used back in the 80's to describe those oversized, enormous cans of beer that were all the rage. 

Tommy: We kept saying things like, "Who doesn't want to get their buzz on?"

Jamerien:  So, paired with the oversized style of the lenses (compared to our other frames), the name stuck. 

Tommy: There are definitely a lot of name jokes "buzzing" around Bomber HQ. 

Jamerien: *groan*



Why do you think people like the BUZZ Bomb so much?

Tommy: We'll turn over to the community for this one! Here are a few of the reviews we've gotten so far. We're just blown away. 

"Bought these randomly through a Facebook ad and I’m hooked. Great product! Doesn’t feel cheap, solid hinges hold their position, foam padding all around plus the side shields and pouch came included! I tried a pair [from another brand] for work and you had to purchase everything after the fact. These are solid and I rely on them to get my job done." 

"I love the new style and how comfortable they are on your face compared to other companies that are super tight or give you a headache."

"These are probably the most comfortable and cool looking safety glasses I've owned. I don't have a problem keeping them on while working."

"So I was pretty skeptical when I ordered these..... I’m an older guy, but the company issued glasses we get are shite. I wanted something better. So, I took a shot. And wow, did it pay off. I LOVE THIS FRAME AND FIT. I have a big head, and these fit great, feel great and honestly look amazing! I got so many compliments asking where I got them. So I sent them all the link and they’ve got them on order now! Now keep it kind, I’m no fashionista.... but these make an old man look good.... lol. But most importantly, they’re well built, comfortable and exceeded my expectations. One unforeseen benefit is they don’t fog up easily. Enough protection but enough spacing to allow airflow to stop fog ups in colder weather. Kudos Bomber Eyewear..... you’ve gained a loyal customer that will gladly push your product to my peers." 

"I like the new design and the colors of the lens. There’s so many to choose from so I had to buy 6 pairs just to see what looks good on me. LOL thank you Bomber!"


Are there any customizations available for the BUZZ Bomb?

Jamerien: The BUZZ is available in our usual colors and lens styles, but currently, the main customization is that removable side shield. A lot of people don't realize that you can purchase these side shields in black OR clear. 

Tommy: Most people don't know this, but a lot of contract sites, particularly government jobs, REQUIRE those side shields to be clear. We're happy to accommodate! 

Jamerien: We've got a few more customizations in the works, so keep your eye out for updates coming soon. Eventually, we plan on offering the BUZZ Bomb with both photochromic (changing from light to dark when moving from indoor to outdoor settings) and anti-fog lens options. 


Besides the name, what's your favorite fun fact about the BUZZ Bomb?

Tommy: This probably isn't a "fun" fact, but I just love that we were able to pump so much style into an ANSI Z87+ certified safety line. These are full-protection safety glasses that look like you just picked them up from a high-end mall. We love seeing all the pictures you guys are posting on Instagram wearing these BUZZ Bombs. You totally make our day! 

Jamerien: This is ~kind of~ a secret, but I'll go ahead and spill the beans. We're working on two new lens colors inspired by the BUZZ Bomb: a bright, purply pink and (get excited) GOLD lenses. We don't have an official release date for the new lenses yet, but keep an eye on your inboxes over the next few weeks! 



Ready to see what all the hype is about? Grab a pair of our brand-new BUZZ Bombs while supplies last.

(And seriously? We can't stress that last bit enough. We're not joking when we say we had to airfreight in instead of ship our last restock. Y'all are wild for these things, and we love you for it.) 




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