Let's Meet: The BOOGIE Bomb!

boogie bomb

It's no secret that the Boogie Bomb is one of our most popular styles at Bomber Eyewear -- and when you try on your first pair, you'll understand why! 

The BOOGIE Bomb was introduced in 2011, and since then we've expanded our style offerings to include a wide range of lens and frame colors, specialty designs like the MANA Series, and customizations for our safety line. The BOOGIE remains one of our most popular frame styles -- and for good reason! 

Today, we sat down with Tommy and Jamerien Bonacci to get a closer look at the idea behind our most popular frames: where the name comes from, how we came up with the concept, and why our fans keep coming back over and over again for this one-of-a-kind style. 


What inspired the design of the BOOGIE Bomb? 


TOMMY: We were looking to put out a style with a square-edgy design, but sporty. And at the same time, we wanted it to have a medium to large fit. 

JAMERIEN: We wanted to put something stylish, yet functional out there. Something heavy-duty enough to be worn on an industrial job site, but cool enough to wear outside of work, too.


Where does the name "BOOGIE" come from?

JAMERIEN: In 2011, we had just started sponsoring athletes from the Boogie Boarding scene. It was such a fun area of sports and watersports, but it wasn't getting the attention it deserved. 

TOMMY: Exactly -- we chose the name "Boogie" to give the boogie boarding scene more attention in the surfing/watersports world. We wanted to give these athletes some recognition! 


Why do you think the BOOGIE Bomb is your most popular frame?

JAMERIEN: It's got to be the fit, right? It just has an all-around great look and fit, provides great coverage, and performs well under many different conditions. 

TOMMY: The BOOGIE Bomb keeps out the wind and debris from your eyes when you're in the middle of the action, like jetskiing, boating, and fishing. And it keeps up just as well when you're grinding metal or working on fabrication projects. 


Are there any customizations available for the BOOGIE Bomb?

TOMMY: You bet! It's available in pretty much every lens option we have today: polarized, non-polarized, smoke, clear, yellow, light blue, photochromic and antifog. You can also try out our mirrored lens colors, like red, blue, ice blue, green, and silver. 

JAMERIEN: A lot of customers ask us if they can get a certain frame color with a different lens than what's advertised, and almost 100% of the time we can deliver on those custom requests. Just ask! 


Besides the name, what's your favorite fun fact about the BOOGIE Bomb?

JAMERIEN: We recommend it to everyone! And I do mean EVERYONE. 

TOMMY: She's right -- When we meet first-time customers out on the road, at events, or at trade shows, the BOOGIE Bomb is always the first thing we recommend if someone's not sure where to start. 

JAMERIEN: When someone's not sure which frame to pick, we almost always recommend the BOOGIE Bomb. You've showed us that it's your favorite -- and we share that love with new customers, too! 


Ready to try the BOOGIE Bomb for yourself? Whether you're a first-time buyer or you've stocked your shelves with your favorite frames, the BOOGIE Bomb is a great choice for every lifestyle. 

To shop BOOGIE, head over to our online store. (P.S. Prescription versions of the BOOGIE Bomb are available at Bomber Rx, too!) 


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