How to Shop For Safety Glasses When You've Got A Big Head (For All Those Brains)

When it comes to safety glasses, we know that there's nothing quite as frustrating as a fit that doesn't, well, fit! Especially for those of us with large noggins, not having properly fitting safety glasses can pose a safety concern, not just a fashion constraint. That's why it's critical to look for safety gear that is comfortable, secure, and functional -- and looks damn good while it keeps you safe. 

Today, we're breaking down the top 3 things to consider when buying wide-width safety glasses. When in doubt, try 'em out! Grab a few pairs of Bomber Eyewear, the best ANSI Z87+ safety-rated eyewear on the market, and you'll never look back.

(Or if you are looking back, it's because you need to. You know, like to see behind you and stuff. We've got you covered. ;-) )


1. Priority order: Fit, function, fashion.

All right, we're gonna give ourselves a pat on the back here -- but trust us, we deserve it! When you've got more face to work with than the average Joe, properly fitting glasses become absolutely critical when it comes to safety gear, particularly gear with ANSI Z87+ certification.

Eyewear products that meet the requirements to be ANSI Z87+ certified are those that are best designed for protection: they reduce the chances of hazardous materials or circumstances injuring your eyes. ANSI Z87+ is designed specifically to track products used in environments like machine shops or laboratories, where welding, cutting, chemical handling, and assembly can all pose a potential injury risk.

Blah blah blah, safety safety safety, we get it, right? What this comes down to is that often, highly-rated safety gear is clunky, heavy, and designed to pack a punch. This is because our noggins and eyes need the most protection, but at the same time, safety gear can get a little over-the-top. 

So, take it from us: Shop by fit first, then form, then function. Bomber Eyewear is designed with a patented foam lining. You might have heard of it as the cool-dude stuff that makes our eyewear float, but it's also a critical part of our ANSI Z87+ rating. The foam offers a close, snug fit without sacrificing comfort or function. This is particularly critical when you have a wide forehead or a large bridge of the nose. Glasses that would slip off of other people's faces pose a greater risk to your safety. 

That's where Bomber Eyewear comes in!

2. Shop frames first, then lenses. 

So we've talked about fit -- let's talk function. When you're looking for a wide-width sunglasses or large-size sunglasses, start by looking at the frame rather than the lenses. At first glance, the STRANGE looks like an oversized lens (it's got that classic aviator we love, after all). However, compared to the BOOGIE or MEGA, two of our biggest sellers, the STRANGE actually comes with a much narrower frame!

That's why it's important to shop frame before lenses. A wide-width frame like the BUZZ or MAGNUM also comes with a wide-width lens, but more laid-back options like the CLUTCH are designed for wider faces without needing all the extra lens space. 

And we've gotta call out that foam one more time: once you know the frame is the right size for your face, trying on your first pair of Bomber Eyewear will bring you face-to-literal-face with the comfiest fit on earth. 

3. But at the end of the day... don't sacrifice something you love for something that "works". 

Half the reason some people choose not to wear safety gear on the job is because they don't like how it looks or feels. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style for function, or pay thousands of dollars for designer safety wear. 

Honestly, y'all -- we designed the MAGNUM safety glasses for YOU. Our newest frame is our first ever designed to be worn over prescription lenses (or on their own -- they look dope either way). You asked, and we answered.

Whether you're looking for big face glasses to fit over your prescription lenses, an oversized frame to fit a wider face, or just some bad-a$$ glasses to go with all them brains of yours, we've got the thing for you.  

When you're ready to take the plunge into ANSI Z87+ certified safety gear, Bomber Eyewear's got you covered -- literally! Head over to the safety shop to grab the latest and greatest like BUZZ, MAGNUM, and CLUTCH! 


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