How to Choose the Right Lens Color for Sunglasses

What makes the perfect pair of sunglasses? Sugar, spice, everything nice... Chemical X... No, wait -- that's the recipe for the Powerpuff Girls. 

Possibly the most important factor in a good pair of sunglasses is the lenses. That's why sunglasses lenses have so many options for colors, lens coatings, and more -- the perfect combination of features creates the perfect pair of sunglasses for you! 

Today we're taking a closer look at lenses: specifically, lens colors. Did you know there's more to sunglasses colors than just style? It's true -- the color of a lens actually changes things like functionality. Pair that with protective lens coatings and you've got an impressive catalog of sunglasses with different perks and benefits. 

So let's get started! Here's how to find the perfect lens color for your sunglasses. 


Option 1: Think Functionality

Let's start by talking about functionality. Believe it or not, the shade of your sunglasses lenses makes an impact on how your sunglasses work for you. Have you ever noticed that you see "better" when you're wearing one pair of shades over another? Or, have you ever taken your favorite pair of sunnies somewhere new -- boating or skiing, for example -- only to feel like your vision's gone all foggy and dark? The secret here could be the lens color: Certain tints lend themselves better to certain environments. 

Some examples of lens colors that add functionality to your sunglasses are:

  • Blue-tinted lenses: Blue reduces glare in high-light settings, like on the water or on the ski slopes. They can also improve contrast between colors, like when you're fishing or hunting and need to pick hard-to-see things out of the background. 
  • Gray-tinted (silver) lenses: Have you ever heard the term "true color perception"? This refers to the natural colors we see without sunglasses on -- no darkening or changed contrast. Gray-tinted or silver lenses offer the closest "true color perception" of any sunglasses tint because your eyes don't have to work as hard to adjust to them. 
  • Brown-tinted lenses: Brown or "amber" sunglasses lenses are another lens color that improve contrast, which is usually the main goal for maximum visibility when you're wearing sunglasses. Brown lenses are ideal for driving because they react quickly to changing conditions, like changes in cloud cover, light conditions, or adjusting to outdoor environments. 


Option 2: Think Protection

Some examples of lens colors that add protection to your sunglasses are: 

  • Yellow-tinted lenses: Yellow lenses are another source of greater contrast, and they're especially effective in work environments or high-octane outdoor activities. In addition, yellow lenses are made for changing light conditions -- think moving from dawn to dusk, indoors to outdoors, etc.  
  • Mirrored lens coatings: Mirrored lenses are one of the best ways to reduce glare, especially during winter or in driving situations with too much light. This can be a critical safety component depending on your daily routine. 
  • Polarized lenses: We've sung the praises of polarized lenses so much we could practically write a song about them. A protective aspect of polarized lenses is that they offer extra shielding from UV rays -- polarized lenses cut down on glare and light reflection, which helps prevent eye damage over time. 


Option 3: Think Style

Finally, when it comes to sunglasses lens colors, the most important feature is how much YOU like them. The fun part of Bomber Eyewear is that we have so many wild colors to choose from, so no matter what your personal style looks like, you'll find a pair of Bombers that suit you. If you're looking for flair, give our Revo Pink or Rose Gold lenses a try. And Gold looks good on everybody -- but don't just take our word for it; shop our Gold styles and see for yourself! 

Whatever sunglasses or safety glasses you choose, you know you're in good hands with Bomber Eyewear. The best thing to do is to educate yourself on your options, then choose what makes YOU feel good -- safety glasses or sunglasses, what matters is that you've found a pair of glasses that will work as hard as you do.

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