How Big Is Your Face? How to Use Bomber's Fit Guides to Find Your Perfect Fit

Man, do we miss the days of showing up at conventions and competitions with you. There's something so fun for us about watching people try on our shades, getting all excited over the ones they like or making funny faces when they think a style would look better on someone else.

Since we've gone virtual, we've had a lot of requests from people for ways to know which Bomber styles will look good on them. In the past, we've directed our fans to the Bomber Fit Guides, which break down the measurements for each of our frame styles. 

But most of the time the response we get is, "That's great. Now what do I DO with it?!" 

So, this week, we're breaking down the important topic: How to measure your face so you know what sunglasses to buy. Read on to learn more about this sunglasses guide by face shape.

The Basics of Sunglasses Measurements

Let's start by breaking down how to measure the glasses themselves -- once you know how these measurements apply to our frames, you'll be able to better apply those measurements to your own noggin. When you're getting started in the world of sunglasses measurements, there are five main measurements to be aware of: 

  • Frame Width. This measures the entire front of the frame, horizontally from end to end.
  • Lens Height. The vertical height of the lens itself.
  • Lens Width. Like lens height, only horizontal. Whoa!!
  • The Bridge. This is the bit that sits on your nose, and probably the most important measurement for you.
  • The Arms. Also called "legs" depending on how creative you want to be, these are the long bits that stretch from the front of the frame over your ears. Pro tip: Ours are really, really comfy.

Note: Most glasses measurements are taken in millimeters. If you're unfamiliar with the metric system, we're really sorry about the American school system. But we believe in you. 

The Basics of Face Measurements

All right, now for the fun stuff. Now that we've got the basics of your glasses structure, it's time to apply that to your face. Now, judging by all those Tinder profiles and Instagram accounts, we all know that no two faces are alike. However, you don't have to own an entire optometrist's setup to get your basic glasses measurements. 

The same measurements that apply to sunglasses and safety glasses can be applied to your own face, with adjustments for the basic differences between men's and women's faces. Grab a ruler or a tailor's measure and go stand in front of the mirror. 

  • Measuring Frame Width. Comfortable (and sexy) frames should sit a few millimeters wider than the space between the left and right corners of your eyes. For a more oversized look, aim for a few millimeters wider than the widest part of your face. (Generally, your "temple length" is going to be between 115-155 millimeters, so you can base your frame width on that measurement.) 
  • Lens Height and Width. Prescription lenses have more of a need for specific height and width measurements, but for sunglasses and safety gear it's usually a matter of personal preference. If you like a wider look, you'll be happy with a lens in the 45-60mm range. For a thinner, sleeker look, try the 31-45mm range. 
  • The Bridge. This is the MOST IMPORTANT measurement for frame comfort. The bridge of your nose is what keeps your glasses from falling off your face, and usually measures between 12-31mm. If you can't find a bridge that fits your exact measurement, that's no problem -- aim for a thicker arm (like our foam-lined glasses) for a smaller bridge, or a lighter frame (like our STRANGE aviators) if you've got a larger bridge. 
  • The Arms. For arms, most men/people with larger faces look for a frame arm around 140-145 millimeters in length. Women or people with smaller heads typically aim for 135-40. To measure this, measure from the back of your ear (giving about 2-5 millimeters of "wiggle room") to the bridge of your nose. 

How To Measure Your Face for Sunglasses

One of the easiest ways to determine which glasses size is right for you is to find a pair of glasses you already love and measure those. Then, you can use the Bomber Fit Guides to find a comparable glasses shape and size that you know will look fantastic on your face.

Alternatively, take your face measurements like we outlined above and use our guidelines to match your measurements to the best Bomber Fit Guide for you. From there, you've found the frames that will look best on your face! 

And that's it! Now you're a Bomber Fit Guide pro. Once you've determined which shades will look good on your gorgeous, gorgeous face (here's a hint: literally all of them), hop over to our New Arrivals to grab a pair or seven to add to your wardrobe.

We won't judge if you buy one in every color. 😉




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