The Scoop on Bomber's Anti-Fog Lenses

One of the best things about Bomber Eyewear's ANSI Z87+ certified safety line is that we're able to offer almost all of our styles with a customized anti-fog coating. But what does that actually mean?

There's little more frustrating than being in the middle of a high-stress, highly-detailed project only to have your safety glasses fog up on you. To get around that, Bomber applies a specialized "anti-fog coating" to our lenses before we ship them to you. And today, we're here to break down the basics of anti-fog protection. 

What makes my lenses fog up?

Let's start by looking at what causes this pesky problem in the first place. The "fog" on glasses lenses is actually a result of the combined humidity between the air in your workspace and evaporations from your breath, sweat, and tears. (Gross.) 

When all this liquid starts to evaporate (you know those sweaty days in the hot sun!), it comes into contact with the cooler surface of your glasses lenses, condensing into the fog that blocks our vision. Not only is this annoying as heck, it's a serious safety concern when we're working with power tools and construction equipment. Anti-fog coatings are the solution. 

How does anti-fog work?

What we call "anti-fog glasses for construction" actually refers to safety glasses where the lenses have been treated with a chemical coating. The coating ingredients are proprietary, but the short version is that they contain chemicals that prevent water from condensing into droplets (the process that creates that pesky fog in the first place). 

The water will still evaporate and condense, but the process is drastically slowed, meaning you can go longer between glasses wipes and keep your workday moving smoothly. 

Does anti-fog actually DO anything?

Heck yeah, it does! A common misconception with anti-fog glasses is that they'll prevent 110% of glasses fog. Unfortunately, the technology to keep our glasses dry at all times doesn't exist yet. However, at Bomber Eyewear, we're proud to say that we use the best and most advanced anti-fog coatings on the market. That means our anti-fog lenses are tried and tested, and hold up with the best of the competition when it comes to preventing fog from blocking your vision.

Don't just take our word for it, though! The best reports come from our happy customer testimonials, where people on the job and in the workshop are delighted with our high performance safety gear. 

Does anti-fog coating make my glasses less safe or less comfortable?

Nope! In fact, an argument can be made that anti-fog coatings actually improve the safety of your safety gear. Because you're not blinded by little droplets everywhere you look, you can concentrate more on getting your job done. Anti-fog is just a chemical coating, which means it doesn't add bulk to the frame or complications to your vision. 

Plus, because anti-fog coatings help reduce the amount of condensation in your glasses, they also help alleviate that "sweaty nose" feeling where your glasses slide down the bridge of your nose. (For best results, try our goggle-inspired styles, like the BUG Bomb.) 

Where can I get the best anti-fog safety glasses?

Right here! We're so glad you asked. At Bomber Eyewear, we're proud of our entire ANSI Z87+ certified safety line. Anti-fog is a premier feature of many of our best safety frames. Just choose this lens upgrade at checkout, or shop our entire anti-fog safety glasses line here


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