Halloween Costumes to Rock With Sunnies

Halloween is just around the corner! Whether you're planning a Halloween party via Zoom or planning on heading out for some socially-distanced trick or treating, we've got you covered in the costume department.

No need to drop a ton of money at the party store! Simply grab your favorite Bomber shades and try on one of these easy sunglasses-inspired Halloween costumes. 


This is an awesome couples' or family costume, since it can be as simple or as complicated (and adorable!) as you'd like. All you need is a whole lot of tie dye, some old jeans, flip flops or sandals, flower crowns, and bright sunglasses. For added effect, throw in some toy instruments and put up a peace sign! 

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: MANA Bomb in Rasta (For kids, try the GROM)


Damian (From Mean Girls

This costume will have your friends saying, "You go, Glen Coco!" To perfect Damian's look from the iconic film, grab a light blue hoodie, your favorite pair of sunnies, and make a handmade sign that says, "She doesn't even go here!" For people who get the joke, this costume will be So fetch! 

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: IRIE Bomb in Smoke Black


Willy Wonka

This costume might take a little more work, but the end result will be ~sweet~! Dress up as Johnny Depp's take on the iconic candy-maker with a red jacket, a black turtleneck, a top hat, and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: SUGAR Bomb in White


Audrey Hepburn

The ultimate starlet turns into the ultimate Halloween costume in this nod to Breakfast at Tiffany's. This chic and simple look is complete with a LBD (little black dress), a pair of elbow-length gloves, a pearl necklace, and hair in an elegant bun. Top off the look with oversized sunglasses!

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: LABOMBA in Tortoise


Cliff Booth (From Once Upon A Time In Hollywood)

Create an Oscar-worthy costume with this easy Cliff Booth lookalike. Pair a bright Hawaiian shirt with brown boots, black jeans, a white tee shirt, leather bracelets, and a whole lot of attitude. To perfect the stuntman look, practice your swagger -- just stay away from swimming pools! 

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: STRANGE in Brown Copper

Three Blind Mice

This cute group costume comes right out of your favorite nursery rhymes! For this easy costume, pair a matching outfit with dark sunglasses, a cane, matching shoes, mouse ears, and a tail (you can make these at home with construction paper and a hairband).

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: SMART in Smoke

Men In Black Agents

This is another great option for couples or groups. Deck out the Men in Black look with black suit pants and blazers over white button-down shirts. Add in a clip-on tie, dark sunglasses, and a laser pointer (for your memory modifier), and you've got the look! (Pugs optional.)

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: JACO in Smoke

Guy Fieri

Take the party to Flavortown with TV's favorite chef personality! All you'll need is a loud shirt (take your pick from Guy's iconic red chef coat or flame-broiled button down), leather gloves, and a pair of wrap-around sunglasses. To perfect Guy's frosted tips without a trip to the salon, try a temporary spray-on hair dye in silver or white. 

The Perfect Bomber Pairing: PIPE in Smoke


What are you wearing for Halloween?! If you end up using your Bomber glasses in your Halloween costume, let us know on Instagram! Tag us with @bombereyewear or #bombereyewear, and we might feature your costume on our social channels! 




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